฿ Cumbersome Things Get Replaced - Dash Rockets Up! 💪

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Many Don't Use Land Lines Any Longer

They have gotten tired of running to answer the phone, telemarketers were always on the other end, and cordless phones needed charging. We just don't use them because they are less useful. You have to get up to answer them. A land line is more work than it's worth.


Get a cell phone already!



Many Don't Use Bitcoin Any Longer

They have gotten tired of waiting for that grey transaction to get its first confirmation. Many have been increasing fees just to get Bitcoin to work the way it used to - fast - spendable - within 30 minutes. It is still secure and can't be hacked but last I checked, there were nearly 100,000 transactions waiting to be entered into a block, some I have talked to have waited up to 2 days for a small transaction to be confirmed and spendable.

Get Dash already!


And People Are!

When adoption reaches a level where there are five to six transactions per second, bitcoin becomes useless for payments at a restaurant or coffee shop. Unconfirmed transactions near 100,000 - lower when there are fewer per second -click the link to check for yourself.

I believe Dash has some benefits and they are making a better coin with features and even a market that will move to up adoption greatly. I am setting up my Master Node this week, and I am still buying. But, I really believe the biggest reason for the move up we are seeing is due to the fact that Bitcoin has stopped functioning for smaller transactions and for those who are not willing to pay a $10.00 dollar fee or better.

  • That kind of makes these digits ฿ 0.00000000 useless.

  • The increased costs kind of make it The Western Union of Crypto-Currencies.


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hey sponge how does one put those icon symbol things like you've done in the title? :)


There are codes for them...

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  • Just put in the code, then a ";" after it. The guide below explains it more fully. But I found that the codes don't work on the title bar - you have to copy and paste the icons for some reason.



thanks! 😆


I had seen your posts. I trade a lot and when you send a lot of coins to strangers after receiving their paper cash, it has been slow, frustrating and embarrassing to have to wait for them to get a confirmation. I have had a "bad experience" - well several per week. If others are having the same "bad experience" with slow transactions - it is logical that they will look for a new solution - I think that solution is Dash - the coin they are turning to when others don't work. As for me? I have been telling all buyers that I no longer transact in Bitcoins but they can buy any amount of Dash (then use the shapeshift of their choice to convert it.) Done!!!

This post was a comparison. Another: You buy milk, get home and it is sour. Next day, you buy milk, this time you check the exp. date. All good. you get home and it is sour. The third day.... do you still buy that brand? do you still buy at that store? Me neither - Dash is my second brand of choice till I stop getting sour Bitcoins.

I know you probably got my first comparison, I am not down on milk nor bitcoin. I just need something that works as regular buyers come to give me cash for crypto. Thanks for reading @faraicelebr8 !


To be honest, at first I thought DASH was all-hype (like ZCASH which has not lived up to expectation in my opinion) therefore I decided to 'watch cautiously' from the sidelines. Now that DASH has aquitted itself pretty well, and my DASH wallet balance still shows zero, I feel I might have missed out on a big buy-in.


I didn't buy into ZCASH at all. I went through too many IPO's on Wall Street - I know launches.

Same with MaidSafe - the product doesn't even exist yet - but they talk is if they have a working model.

Burst is showing a profit, but I will sell out of it when I see it double up for me - the watch for the dip. Doing the same with XMR (which seems to be going the way of Dash), but since I can't find a wallet that allows me to have my keys in my possession, I only hold a bit on an exchange.

I first bought several thousand of Dash when it first arrived at Bitfinex - it was DRK then. It was a whim and I only spend a couple hundred. I forgot about it until a few months later when I noticed my combined balance was way up.
I quickly figured out it was the DRK on my list and I started selling chunks of it.
When I got to the last 400, I went to hit sell - then I stopped myself and said, "Meh, it's free money - let it sit there."
I was later forced to sell it all because they were delisting it at Bitfinex. Who knew?

I am not as much pro-Dash as I am disappointed in the sluggishness of bitcoin lately.

Thank you for posting @sponge-bob.

This is very time appropriate information....there seem to be quite a few looking for alternatives to Bitcoin.....one is aware of the fact there are many cryptocurrencies however it is the ingress...egress....of a currency that is the game changer....which it looks like Dash is stepping in to do.

Appreciate you bringing your experience to Steemit.

Great perspective. I am surprised by the sentiment I hear with some core bitcoin devs that they are willing to keep long transaction times. Dash is picking up what bitcoin has lost.

Excited to hear how your experience with a master node goes. Upvoted and followed.


Thanks! I bought my 1000 dash for $9k and now it's showing $68k on that same wallet.
So... So far it's going really well and I haven't even set up the server!


Nice buy! The party is just starting too.


Thanks. I wondered if you had seen my reference to your guide above. I love your work!