MTB Downhill Race Cerkno 2018 [Bib Numbers #004]

2년 전

This weekend the best mountain bike riders from Slovenia and the neighbouring countries will meet in Cerkno, Slovenia, for the second event of this year's Unior Downhill Cup.

I am the manufacturer of the BIB numbers for these events. Bikers have two numbers on them. One is laminated and attached to the steering of the bike while the other is pinned to rider's back.

Set of laminated and ordinary bib numbers.

It is quite a lot of manual work and several steps to the finished product.
image (15).png
Laminating and cutting phase of the bib's preparation.

Nevertheless, I am happy to do some manual work and produce a physical product as opposed to my main job of pushing keyboard buttons and virtually moving bits and bytes around.

An example of the bib number.

Are you near Slovenia and Cerkno? Then come and join the party. It will be lots of speedy downhill riding with jumps and acrobatics. These riders are all daredevils with a lot of real mountain bike riding skills and experience.

Among other things, I also produce BIB numbers for the recreational events. I am putting these on display here on Scorum as they are produced. At the same time, I promote the events they are printed for.

The #bibnumbers series in 2018

001: 25th Mountain Run Podbrdo - Črna prst, 01.09.2018
002: 14th Bicycle Marathon Vurberk 2018, 12.08.2018
003: Kanalski krog Run, 12.08.2018
004: MTB Downhill Race Cerkno, 28.07.2018

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