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In light of the growing interest in our upcoming Token Sale, we’re providing a brief rundown of our crypto-exchange proprietary token. The following can be found in detail in our Whitepaper. The below serves as an introduction for investors and traders on what they can expect.

What is a BCIO Token?

So, you might be wondering what exactly will be the coin and how it will be used. coins are called BCIO Tokens. BCIO Tokens are utility coins, designed to provide a smooth and secure experience for cryptocurrency traders and users on our trading platform.

We are determining 200 Million BCIO tokens for use, 60% of which to be available during the token sale.


We are launching these tokens in like manner with other ICOs. This means you can look forward to an incentivization bounty program aimed at fostering liquidity on the exchange.We’ll provide more info on our bounty program in a follow-up article.

BCIO Tokens will be held in a wallet on the Exchange. Each user will hold a certain number of Tokens both for services and to perform operations on the exchange.

Why do you do ? 

That is a chance for us . why? we decide invest to online trading , investing , cryptocurrency investing with money.

so we know how to invest this money . 

what we invest the platform? 

We search online investment company or agancy . but we choose trust agent so what we need to do ? We search 

trust token site and investment site.

there  I found new ico token that is a BCIO token for us . 

Loyalty & rewards

To sum all this up, BCIO tokens will be used to incentivize platform use and reward external developers as well as existing users and early adopters and supporters. BCIO holders will also have priviledged access to ICOs organized by, benefit from complimentary services and will be prioritized for airdrops.

The time to opt-in is upon us, and the sooner users adopt tokens and engage the exchange the better. We look forward to building the Internet of Value together with you.

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