🤖The Awesome List of Steemit Bid Bots with a Positive ROI 🤖 - 17th May

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Updated & corrected list - 17th May 2018

I believe one way to help Steemit grow is to make using bid bots a more pleasant experience, feeling ripped off & leaving the platform due to losses using bid bots is not going to help this wonderful platform.

I have explained all about this & what i believe to be unscrupulous bid bot owner behaviour in my post here 

It is very easy for them to change a couple of lines of code and introduce capped losses, most bid bot owners do not cap losses & i feel that is wrong.

Fortunately there are some bid bot owners that have seen the light and are actually helping minnows and new Steemians, the updated list below contains the good guys ;-)

 ⚠️ Wealth Warning:  ⚠️ 

Using these positive ROI bid bots does not guarantee that you will break even or make a profit, you can still make a loss. However using these as opposed to the naughty bots does give you the best chance!

Profit/Loss is not entirely dependent on the bid bots capping losses, it also depends on luck, the steem price, the sbd price & the fluctuation in the vote value of your post at +7 days.

🤖The Awesome List of Steemit Bid Bots with a Positive ROI 🤖 - 17th May


(59) Reputation

$24.23 Vote value power

1-10% ROI

last round was positive 3.22%


(25) Reputation

$6.08 Vote value power

15%-15% ROI

last round was positive 15%


(53) Reputation

$19.52 Vote value power

10%-10% ROI

last round was positive 10%


(25) Reputation

$1.44 Vote value power

0-30% ROI

last round was positive 30%


(34) Reputation

$0.52 Vote value power

0-20% ROI

last round was positive 20%


(25) Reputation

$0.87 Vote value power

15-15% ROI

last round was positive 15%


(39) Reputation

$0.56 Vote value power

0-50% ROI

last round was positive 50%


(35) Reputation

$0.42 Vote value power

1-100% ROI

last round was positive 22.77%


(45) Reputation

$4.14 Vote value power

11-11% ROI

last round was positive 11%


(9) Reputation

$1.91 Vote value power

0-99% ROI

last round was positive 53%


(50) Reputation

$11.21 Vote value power

1-99% ROI

last round was positive 18.77%


(50) Reputation

$0.57 Vote value power

1-10% ROI

Last round was positive 10%


(50) Reputation

$0.46 vote value power

1-50% ROI

last round was positive 50%

All the other bid bots have negative ROI built into them, so don't use them if you value your wealth!

🤖The Awesome List of Steemit Bid Bots with a Positive ROI 🤖 - 17th May

ROI = Return on investment

Robot image sources:





I will test these bid bots on this post & post my costs/results in the comments, thanks for stopping by, please be sure to RESTEEM this post so other people can find it, thanks loads!

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Elo mate, congratulations on another great post!
Very informative and helpful information you have provided us with.
Most people haven't got a clue which bidbots are any good and profitable and which ones are not profitable and likely to rip you off.
I think I'm gonna start pumping my posts with these bots,it'll improve my rep and I might even make a few penny's! Resteemed to 5500+🤔


Awesome big thanks, appreciated.

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Thank you, it can be challenging choosing how to promote posts, where would you recommend delegating to?


Well i would recommended delegating to any from this list if you are looking to support ethical bots.

If you are looking for the best return i'm not sure..... i haven't tested each one.

I delegate to @brupvoter as i think they were the first to cap losses, i'm very happy with them as they return about 20-40% APR you can check their payout stats here https://www.brupvoter.com/en/graphs_roi_sponsors.html

Starting prices 18th May:
Steem $2.75
SBD $2.21

Will be paying for bids in SBD

$0.32 vote value on this post before bots

My costs = 14.53 SBD or (11.16 Steem)

Guesstimate returns:
15 SBD back = break even / small profit

$28.36 total vote value on 18th May

@minnowhelper returned a huge negative ROI and as such has been removed from this list, some help they turned out to be! -50% loss

Ending prices 24th May:
Steem $2.83
SBD $1.82

Received 11.289 SBD and 3.776 SP = Converting to what i paid in (11.289 +5.9 SBD) = 17.2 SBD

Profit = 2.67 SBD = (18% return)

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