Beware Of New Scammer!

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Updated about Upmewhale

I want to share some important News regarding the new scammer on the steemit, Someone make an account on using our Bot name Not sure what his mission is ,But he use our name on his profile @upmewhal you can check this account and beware of spelling while sending any bid to @upmewhale

Here is the proof of the fake account using our name :

Please read his intro post here

He said he is working on several project and he hs contact some whales about this but i am not working on any project for now , i am only working on a project to teach new steemians in my steemschool pakistan and that is share on my original profile @alishannoor.

Exchange scam:

He clearly said that he is going to exchange Steem and Sbd to the locaal currency and also to payza,paypal and other online banks, So please beware of this scam and know that we are not offering any exchange rather than our whatsapp of email form of our website.

From @ Grx121 our funding account they see that we have start exchange a couple of month ago but we are working on exchange of steem and SDB direclty though our whatsapp 00923317417460. Not on steemit memo message or thought contacts on discord or

Check spelling 10 Times before bidding:

I am strongly requesting steemians to be carefull while sending any bid 10 times check the spelling sending to any bots, Not only to Upmewhale.

If you want to exchange steem/sbd in my country pakistan you can direct call on my whatspp number Or you can email us though our website

Or though our discord personal server

Our Exchange Account:

We have only one account which we are using for our exchange of Steem/Sbd to usd or PKR. and that is @grx121, We are not dealing on any other account except this one so please remember this account before sending any amount to exchange before confirming , i am getting messages on discord many people are using fake accounts and they change one alphabet in others bots names to get a bid by people mistake.

Feel free to contact us if you found any scam against us we will be happy to prevent people from scamming .

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Los estafadores siempre presentes en Internet, eso ya no es novedad pero hay que tener mucho en cuenta y saber alejarse de ellos.

thank you good topic

good topic and thank you

wow, that sucks, thanks for the heads up, people should use to ensure they are using the right bot


Yes you are right people must know about steembottracker in order to bid on any bot, this is a right solution !


Once you tame Steembottracker, you can also tranfer to a bot user directly from your account, if you want...


for me i just use the bots i have and first of all check if they have been providing the said service so i go on their wallet to see how many use them.

Thanks for the heads up. This type of stuff is important to keep people safe. Nice work. I'm a huge upmewhale supporter.


thanks for your support resteem the post in order to know every one on steemit

Thanks for update info 👍

thanks for the heads up. geez...what people do for money..

Thats actually pretty smart! Its like people who got domains that were close to Twitter, Facebook and so on in hopes of people miss typing them and then the site would mine some Monero!

@upmewhale, I gave you an upvote on your post! Please give me a follow and I will give you a follow in return and possible future votes and comment!

Thank you in advance!

A great post recommends and I am waiing for next ones.


hello there!!
thanks for the warning, why scammers try to cheat. too bad.

good luck!!!!
have a great day!!!

Yes sir.. there is a cheater.. caught him and put behind the bars

Hi sir great information good topic

hiii you missed my vote, i sent you 3.111 SBD but did not got any vote, kindly check.

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You got a 28.05% upvote from @upme thanks to @grx121! Send at least 3 SBD or 3 STEEM to get upvote for next round. Delegate STEEM POWER and start earning 100% daily payouts ( no commission ).

The steem platform is an open system that makes for healthy growth when you are sincere.

Why would some people engage in fraudulent practices when we all are here to carve out a niche for ourselves.

Please continue to expose the fake people on this platform.


Gracias por el aviso, muy mal esa gente que le gusta aprovecharse de los demás.

great my dear you are the beast thanks for this tips

hi i think you are also misspelling your own website in your article above,


yes it was hyperlink so that is click able but that i have correct that, i write the post in hurry so i make few mistakes

thanks for this informative article :) This will really help us!!!

Thanks for the alert @upmewhale. Is it the real you present at Steemschools because there is someone with the same identity there too.


Yes i am the project supporter of steemschool, that is real me thanks @tobah


You're welcome ♥

Noted mate.You and I have spoken all these words, but for the way we have to go,words are no preparation. I have one small drop of knowing in my soul. Let it dissolve in your ocean.

Thanks for sharing. Scams are a way of life for some, sad but true. It takes all of us to educate each other to minimize their impact.

Check your eyes! :)
1 Letter is all it takes...
Close to surgery ;)

Amazing post! Dont stop it!

I was scam ture so fake bot I complained and they sent me a new password after three day

Thank you for the heads up and for warning community members.

Hopefully soon the developer can create a bot that automatically Trace a scammer, what I mean is user that create an account that same name of the true account...:)

thank you for alert us

Glad to see someone's looking out for the Steemit platform. This post is going to save a lot of newbies and non newbies being scammed.

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I really hate the scammer, how about you

This post has received a 23.01 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @grx121.

It is very good that you got this info @upmewhale, He was trying to play smart by using your name and omitting "e". By so doing those who do not check well mistakenly send their vote bids to them and at the long run they dont get their upvotes which is going to be of great disadvantage to your very great and quality service that you provide. All the same it is very good that the scam has being identified.

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Awesome alert. I get really pissed off that People try to bank on other People hard work. grrr

Hopefully they will be gone soon.

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Thank for info @upmewhale 😀 Nothing wrong can happen on hour watch! 😁

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Muy bueno

Te amoo image
Esteban Perera


moibien. I do not speak spanish tho.

your child is very cute. all the best parenting that beutiful baby

@upmewhale please make your minimum bid
2.00sbd/steem suddenly your vote value $140 drop to
So we are getting so much loss.
Please if possible make it 2.00sbd/steem

Thanks for updates & info 👍

Thanks for the heads up, will resteem!

Perlu di tindak lanjut dengan tegas,supaya tidak ada lagi musuh dalam selimut

Thanks for guidance. 🎿

I understand scammer account is @upmewhal and real account name is @upmewhale.

I'm already using for voting my posts. This is good trustful platform that made by sir @yabapmatt. I've also gave a vote of witness to sir @yabapmatt for making this helpful platform.

I've Resteemed your post for others knowledge.

Take Care.
Bless you.

Hi, i am also from Pakistan. Great article and great news for me.

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Is their not any security system by which we can stop him ?? @upmewhale

resteem para llegar a toda la comunidad... Siempre aparecen estafadores en todos los sectores del planeta... Como una plaga. Estaremos pilas. Saludos.

Thanks for cautioning us, we have to play very safe

@upmewhale you are giving awarness about scammer this is very helpfull post every stemit user also helping new user betterly bcoz they are easily going to trap by scammer. Thank you very much for your advice.

Thanks for the warning.

Sir yesterday I sent my Steem dollar for promotion but result is zero . I thought I am a fool . But no there r so many people who suffering form the same scammer group. 😢

important publication! it never hurts to warn people! thank you!

@upmewhale i sent you 5 sbd yesterday But i didn't get your upvote yet. Please check it.

Transaction history

This is my post

Thanks for the important advice.

Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information.

I think, we all should collectively flag him

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Yeah you said right it's have to be careful because day by day it's number of customers will be increases in social media websites so it's really have to be wear from spammers

Thank you for making us all aware!