Big Data Hadoop & Architect Training Program in Detail

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Used for storing and processing big data, Hadoop is software which is open source. It is worked out in a distributed manner on large groups of commodity hardware. Based on a paper written on the map-reduce system, Hadoop was developed. Its application is in the area of concepts of functional programming. Big Data Hadoop Training with the project is professional training in Hadoop technology. It aims at providing training through which the students gain proficiency in working with various tools of Hadoop such as Hive, H Base Quartz Scheduler, Map Reduce, and Pig. It is training with real-time development of projects.

In-Depth Training Given Along with Project -

Big data Hadoop training with project is a training given by the Hadoop business experts, and it also aims at giving an in-depth and perfect knowledge about big data and Hadoop ecosystem tools such as yarn, hdfs, sqoop, oozie, flume, etc. This training is online-based and the instructors will guide you online and the training will be specifically based on the real-life cases of the industry and the areas include finance, retail, tourism, aviation and also social media. Big data Hadoop is very much prevalent in many big MNC’s. There are more and bigger companies wanting big data Hadoop specialists.

Objectives Covered in the Training -

In this training, the major objective is to make the students understand various projects and what is big data. Along with the limitations of solutions to the big data, the problem is also taught. What role Hadoop plays in solving the problems of big data is the main focus. The students are trained regarding the Hadoop ecosystem, the architecture of Hadoop, along with which other topics include how map-reduce works which includes reading and writing, anatomy of file, HDFS, etc.

Big data Hadoop training with the project will include some important topics such as detailed introduction to big data, the preview of big data challenges. Then the training will also cover the limitations and solutions for big data architecture. It also includes different distributions of Hadoop.

Role of Big Data Architect -

Big data architect masters program aims at delivering a complete Hadoop solution to its students. And the program includes design and development, requirement analysis creation, testing, placement of the future solutions, design of the application. Then it also comprises of the platform selection, along with which it also includes the design of technical architecture.

What Should You Know -

Big data architect masters program is based on the data architect which maps the systems. It teaches about the interface which is used for data management setting standards for data. It aims at making the students learn through this program the gap between the current state and the future state. It does the analysis of both the state and conceives it.

Big Data Architecture

Big data architect masters program is also designed in such a manner that it teaches the individuals about analysis of data (be it large/complex) which is mainly for a database system which is traditional, processing and ingestion. To become a successful data architect one requires 2 years of work experience and a bachelor’s degree.

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