@Fyrst-Witness Up and Running in Svalbard, Norway! 512GB, 4TB SSD, 2 backup witnesses + Private Full Node!

3년 전


Could not find a datacenter further north, but now the witness is up and running with a private full node for bot heavy services like @booster and @speedvoter etc...

This upgrade is way over the top, but it serves multi purposes and make the STEEM network much stronger geographically


From Svalbard, we have lines to Russia/China, Scandinavia/Europe/Africa, and UK/Canada/USA so a great meeting point for packages coming from east to west and south to north.

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nice - very nice indeed

Well with all that ice, it at least won't be over heating :^)


hopefully, it won't melt and flood the datacenter ;)

This makes STEEM a lot more decentralized for sure.

Pushing the limits @fryst-witness this is what I like to see!

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Fyrkin' awesome!!! I'm voting for you brother.

Fyrkin' awesome!!! I'm voting for you brother.