Building Community Beyond Curation

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It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! 😄 It's the Bigwaves Curation Project!


who are we?

We are a unified voice, we are the change the blockchain needs for curation. We are borne out of the fire of so many zero post payouts, we are the tears, pain, and frustration of so many quality content writers. We belong to everybody and nobody at the same time.

I think we just let the cat out of the bag, dang! 🤦🏽‍♂️

"Cat, get in the bag!"

We are the next phase of community curation, drawing our techniques from many months of research. It is not just the names behind the project that makes it unique, it is the mindset and teamwork that makes us sure that it will succeed. All the moves led to this point, taking curation beyond simply voting, we are creating a chain, a network of quality, community, and rewards.

If you are reading this, then I say welcome to the Bigwaves project!

There is a popular saying which says that the joy is not in falling, but rising each time we fall. We are the ones who will bridge the divide between quality content and rewards. We did not abandon our responsibilities, we were deep in research and we can say that @bigwaves will create waves so big, “even the best surfers will bow.” (hello @surfermarly 😍)

community vs continuity

I think we have a stalemate here as both are equally important. Unlike so many abandoned projects, we are here to bring continuity to the communities. We want to create an environment where everyone is a winner, an environment where you will simply enjoy doing your best.

Are we here to be the best and lead by example? You bet!

This is not simply a Nigerian or African phenomenon. We want to affect the whole platform, we want to shape the blockchain as a whole. Our curation activities will cut across the nook and crannies of the blockchain with Nigeria-Africa-The whole blockchain feeling our impact.

Just like the ripple theory (or so we think); when we create a splash, here and there, in a pond, the little ripples combine to form a bigger one. We not only want to create a big splash but a gigantic wave. Everyone is welcome to join us.

There is room for everyone on board and believe me when we say this: this is not a drill!

proof of human

Can decentralization and democracy work? Can decentralization help us practice better democracy? We have decided to put it to test with our creation of Bigwaves. We told you it's bigger than just curation! Everyone is enjoined to participate in our experimental system. We have created roles such as tourists, citizens, ambassadors, mayors, and even a commander in chief which members can attain as they interact and grow within the community.

All these have been done to create a real environment we can all easily relate to. You might be wondering why we need a real-life environment on the blockchain, it is simply because people have the mindset that the blockchain is not real and we want to change that mindset by trying as much as possible to create a real world on the blockchain.

Who knows, we could be grooming the politicians of the future who truly understand decentralization (or democracy as it is called).

We are real, you are real and the difference is clear. Come and become a part of the hierarchy of fun. Be a part of the place where quality is a criterion, fun is a constant and difference is visible!

To even ensure people don’t cheat the system by using bots or multiple accounts, we have introduced what we call a proof of human concept. You fill a form to qualify from the tourist level to upgrade to the “citizen” level to begin enjoying the benefits of the group.

go big with elite status

It's nothing new but it's so much different! Community leaders, what are you waiting for? We already have various subcommunities moving over to our discord server and your community could apply to join this elite group and make them a part of the new world order (not the type you are thinking…lol). It doesn’t stop at subcommunities, we encourage you to bring your projects for support, we are about to start listing whole countries, don’t be left out. Once you get in, you get our full support every step of the way! No exceptions. More info on this will be coming up later.

how can you help?

Making a splash is never easy, let alone making waves! We need your support because we cannot do it alone.

We have four people in charge of the day to day activities of the project:
@fisteganos, @ehiboss, @ogoowinner, and @destinysaid.

  • We are starting small with a little over 100,000 SP but we will surely grow bigger. We also have the support that could easily double our current strength but don't get overly excited just yet, we still need you! You should join in and make this swell. You can follow our trail too on steemauto and help us reward others. When you follow our trail, you automatically vote on posts we vote on! Isn't that awesome? 🤔

  • Bring your A game from now on! Rewards are not for the faint of heart and we have developed very strict criteria for receiving the @bigwaves reward. It's so strict it might scare you away. More information on this coming up soon.

  • Now, where will all the fun be? Rumor has it that it will be here. There just might be a launch party and some freebies 🤔


Welcome to the future!

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I see lot of fire in this
Way to go!!!

This is exactly what we need at this time. Thanks for bringing it to our doorsteps. You're all blessings to us. Can't wait to participate @bigwaves

This is big, like very big. I see you cause that waves that will trigger a tangible transformation in the blockchain. We are tired of splash!

Welcome to the future!

I love this statement anywhere I see it. It has been like a part of me.
Go guys!! Nice initiative

Awesome... Just how I like to read 'em. First off, I think the idea is grand. There's so much abandoned communities and projects on the blockchain.. Secondly, who wrote this? The person deserves a medal. 🏅

Resteemed and followed.


Who wrote this? 🤔
That’s classified 😄

This is a really wonderful initiative and a great way of supporting and rewarding quality contents here. Welcome on board @bigwaves I'll be honoured to be a part of this lucrative movement.

I'm getting me an surfoard. @surfermarly, are you available to teach a newbie how to surf? I want to ride this bigwave coming at me.

Angels on the blockchain
That's what you guys are...this is an amazing example for us all including us with less than 100sp. There is so much we all can do for each other and much more...for this project @bigwaves.
Much much much love.

Re-steemed and followed

The intro. sounded like, this is all we have been waiting for😀
@bigwaves we know its sure going to be massive.


This is all you've been waiting for lol.


Well, we are expectant😊

Innovative and motivating. Welcome guys!

You will know this is a spontaneous combustion of words. @fisteganos 👊 @ehiboss 💼@destinysaid 🎶 @ogoowinner 💃
And to @bigwaves 🌀🌊


You got it !!!
The combo is just so perfect


You know right dear


Abi nah

The wave smashed through like Bangdadadsng.. You're not regular.

I am really glad for this big development as its will go a long way in implementing the change we are talking about and want to see.

Now You've spoken, feel free to remember dah Na Action Be Koko


Grab a seat, popcorn, and a glass of juice. This action film no be for here! 💪🏾


Y'all deserve some accolades 😂


Yasssss!!!!! 😄

Welcome @bigwaves! We know you be good...

This is amazing! Awesome introduction!💗💗💗

And now this is the big thing. Go on. No stopping.

This sounds great. I'm in for this boss...🤓🤓🤓🤓

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This looks very interesting. Still finding my way to understand the steem ecosystem, but this write-up and the intended project looks mesmerizing.

I dont think there is anything better than this...the team behind is awesome...a team of intellectuals...bigs up to the bigwaves

This is really nice. We can't wait for it to kick start.

Gracias por unirte a Steemit donde podrás compartir conmigo y con muchas personas más.

This is really amazing

I can judge this book by it cover...
The name alone said it all, and i can feel the biggness already.
And with the people in, i believe in this project.

And it is here

This is going to be interesting. Creating a real life scene on the blockchain is captivating enough...

Great initiative!

Welcome @bigwaves. Hope to see the big works, and patiently waiting for the more info in bringing projects and how the support will be done... Really excited about this.

Wow nice introduction @bigwaves
Would like to be part of the project, thanks for the initiative....

Welcome to Steemit @bigwaves!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Here are some links you might find useful.
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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

This is beautifully written. Welcome on board @bigwaves, I ll be more than happy to be part of this community and project.

That SP is amazing too

Welcome - this sounds great - good luck on you venture

Thank God for good people with wonderful idea. I'm definitely in for this.

I'm so impressed to be able to witness this first hand and am happy your effect isn't gonna be base on geographical location. This got more interesting when I saw this list of steemians in charge of this project. It makes more sense as they're good people in this platform with credible achievements.

The wave has arrived, lets ride with it

The intro gay me laughing and sounded Totally like @fisteganos

So bigwaves is here...hehehehe (operation eliminate zero payout)
Awaiting the storm to start to wave... 😋


Lmao. Unfortunately, it wasn't me! in Shaggy's voice 🤣



This indeed is a great and new initiative, can't believe i was entertained from the start of the post.

I believe this will bee the biggest on the Steem blockchain so far

Go Big waves!

This is amazing. This introduction is detailed, on point and also funny. I like it. Following right away. Waving at @bigwaves

I'm seeing a huge convolution
@bigwave, u have an insight, you definitely going to be a Blessing to the minnows and everyone in the community at large

this must be a promising community. would like to be a member but theres no link attached. please see to it @ogochukwu

It's glad to see something like this evolve on the blockchain

I have been wondering and want to know the people behind this platform for so long finally it's here. Okay that intro superb.

This is looking interesting

Can we use the tag now @bigwaves


More info on that will be coming out soon.

@bigwaves...This is what I call a grand entry! You guys sound like you're gonna be more awesome than Marvel's Avengers in terms of building and upholding the communities! I'll be glad to help in any way I can.

Followed and Resteemed. Cheers guys!!!


Yikes! We didn't even remember to ask you guys to resteem! Thanks for being awesome 😁

I love,I have short time on Steemit, and I need to grow up, thank for show me how to do it.

Wow! This sounds like a great opportunity. I'm already in

This has a better deal to offer.. I hope to see consistency and hard work in promoting su h a great initiative..good work @bigwaves