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I wish I could say our love was an emotional roller-coaster that only went up, but it wasn't.

There were highs and lows, twists and turns, but at every point, you were right there.

The times I wanted to scream on top of my voice, the times I needed someone to hold, you were there.

The times I wanted to be alone, the times I didn't think I needed you, you were there to cheer me on.

When it felt like the world was ending, and everything was going wrong, you held me and told me to let go.

"Let go of your fears, let go of your tears, because in the end none of it will matter, the only thing that would matter is the love we shared".

Because in the end, every other thing will fade away, every other thing will die, every other thing will rot.

From dust to dust, and from ashes, none of it will really matter, nothing but the love we've shared, the life we've lived.

Nothing but the smiles we shared, the tears that we shed, the moments joy filled our hearts like milk and honey.

Let's not forget the times we drowned in the bitterness of pain and heartbreak, the times we couldn't look forward.

The end has come now and you were right, nothing else matters, not even the wealth we've gathered.

And now I'm ready to let go once again, only so I can hold your hands again, only so something can matter again.

So we can be nothing, nothing but matter.

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Beautiful story.

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Wow! This was as deep as it was beautiful... Made me emotional on a whole new level. Perfectly crafted @darkmayhem