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Our town was a lonely one, it stood alone surrounded by water, yes it was an island. Everyday was a bore, you'd think living on an island would be fun, but it wasn't, we had rules against every fun thing you could think of. The most annoying rule was "don't go near or into the water", it was ridiculous, we live on a freaking island and we're not allowed in the water.


I had always been fascinated by the ocean and the world that existed beyond it, the way the waves flow in perfect harmony, the way they crash into each other violently yet so calmly, the way the sound gives me a strange nostalgic feeling. Okay maybe fascinated is an understatement, I absolutely loved the ocean and I seemed to be the only one, the others were either too scared, not interested or were already over it.


There had been several stories of how people would go missing near the ocean, stories of creatures crawling out of the ocean to rob you of your soul, fun stories really "These stories are why I'm so interested, I mean, going missing wouldn't be worst thing, in fact I wouldn't mind going missing, anything to take me away from here". Those were the things that went through my head as I stared into the soul of the ocean, little did I know that my wishes were about to come true.

I heard rustling and footsteps that got louder by the second but I didn't really pay enough attention to look back, I was too busy staring. Something grabbed my shoulder, I was suddenly drawn back to consciousness, more like scared to consciousness.

To be continued...

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Why did you stop there?? Not fair at all o! Please go on...the story had just begun! Dude abeg write the next part today o! Cheers!