Waning love

2년 전


Olowo ori mi,

There are so many things I want to tell you, but first, I wish we'd take a stroll in the dark, the way we used to.

Let the sound of your laughter drown my ears and let me travel the world in your eyes. Let every other thing fade away as we walk into the night and get lost in the woods of conversation.

I remember the first time we met by the river, you didn't look like the type of guy I'd like. But I guess I'd been liking the wrong kind of guys.

You held my hands and acted like you had known me for years, we spent hours from around evening till midnight talking about life, laughing and sharing dreams.

It was beautiful, I'd never felt so in touch with someone. And at that moment, I realized and thought to myself "this guy would never hurt me" I guess I was wrong.

I remember how you used to be so excited around me, it was like your whole world was in front of you.

I miss how you used to tell me how beautiful I am and how you'll be my sunshine on dark days.

But all that has stopped now, maybe Adunni has taken my place in your heart or maybe it's something I did wrong, because I know I'm not expert with words, infact I always seem to say the wrong things.

I'm also not an expert with actions, I misbehave sometimes, but one thing I'm good at is listening.

And everytime I listen to you, I can't help but think:

"God, I love this man"

"I want him to be my patner in love and in life forever"

And I know I'm not a saint, but I'd be your angel anyday, just don't stop being mine.

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Simple but touching. I enjoyed this. It was clean and unpretentious.


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