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I just read a post (about an hour ago) by @exyle talking about the future of Steem. A profound statement (which doubles as the title of the post) was striking:

It's time to consider your STEEM as a longer term investment instead of something that you earn today.

By careful observation, I have come to understand that there are three categories of people on Steemit, I would be putting up a post that'll bother on these three categories of steemians soon. One amongst these three categories are those that have seen STEEM as a long term investment, they've gone past coming on the blockchain to write just to earn upvotes, they're here for business.

Our priorities differ, some have the interest of the minnows at heart, Bigwaves is a good example.


I did a post last month on how to have sustained success on steemit, one of the tips that was recommended in that post was the need to join communities, this cannot be overemphasized. Success cannot be attained when one is in isolation. There are various Steem communities here. Some are structured by Geography others are just a virtual community. It is highly recommended you find one or more and join.

Bigwaves is a unique community. Just about two months ago (if I'm right), four amazing steem gurus teamed up to form Bigwaves: @fisteganos, @ehiboss, @ogoowinner, and @destinysaid. One thing I so love about this team is their consistency on the Steem blockchain and the heart which they have for minnows. Trust me, Steemit can be quite hard, especially at the early stage where you are yet to navigate your way through, even after you've found your place, it can be discouraging when you make a post and your expectations are cut short because the post is not enjoying the upvotes it deserves, then frustration sets in.

If you're yet to be a part of a steem community, I'll strongly suggest you join Bigwaves as soon as possible.


Part of Bigwaves' plan, or better put, whitepaper is to ensure you get qualitative upvotes that match the quality of your post. A whole lot of people have good contents here, these contents are not enjoying the visibility and reward which they deserve. Many (including me) spend a whole lot of man-hours, and data making quality contents, some go as far as making videos worth data in hundreds of Mega-Bites. A couple of Steemians are steeming full time, they pay their bills from earnings on steemit, steemit has turned business for a good number of people, and I think they should be smiling to the bank as well.

Bigwaves is a unique solution.


Bigwaves have gone as far as creating a Discord group to aide engagement and interaction. It's indeed beyond curation. I joined Bigwaves on discord from day one (no time to waste). One interesting thing about Bigwaves' Discord micro blogging group is the sub-groups attached to it, so there's room for everyone. I'll like you to see for yourself, join Bigwaves on Discord

N.B: No "Shit post"

Bigwaves is replete with curators with eye for details, and with zero tolerance for mundane things. Inasmuch as quality is subjective, I'll advice you make qualitative posts if you really want to enjoy Bigwaves' curation, attention and recommendation. I gather @pangoli is one of the curators for @bigwaves, @pangoli did a post titled "On curation -- My Preferences as a bigwaves community curator." do your best to see that post, that way you'll have a more precise understanding of what Bigwaves' curators are on the lookout for.

Every creative common should take advantage of the opportunities in Bigwaves


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