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If you haven't heard of Bigwaves, then today is your lucky day. You are tired of your low payout, then you have found the right community to belong to, you must know that we are no bidbots, we only encourage the undervalued authors by curating their good quality posts.


Bigwaves project was founded by these great steemians, @fisteganos, @ehiboss, @ogoowinner, and @destinysaid.

Your success in steemit is usually determined by the community you are in. You wrote a quality post but you were not rewarded for your effort, the major reason for this, is the audience you are writing to, and by audience, I mean your tags. Now I want you to smile because you have just discovered the best the tags you can use and get rewarded for your effort.

I am honored to be part of the curation team of this great community. I would therefore be sharing you guys the guidelines or the criteria that I would use to get your quality post curated by the bigwaves account:

  • You must use the #bigwaves tag as your first or second tag and use the #nigeria tag, you can use it any where among your tags. If you don't do this you won't get curated.
  • Your content should be interesting. So I suggest you put in your efforts when writing your next article.
  • Your article must be free from Plagiarism, as we curators check for plagiarism.
  • Your images must be well-sourced and free for commercial use i.e your images must be licensed under the Creative Commons. Examples of free source image sites are, Pixabay, Pxhere, Flickr, Pexels, Wikimedia Commons and lots more.
  • Steemit, Religious and Political posts won't curated.
  • Your article must be above 300 words.
  • My areas of preference are, health-related posts, travel posts, tutorials post, science post and educational posts.

Be sure to get curated if you follow all the guidelines.

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Welcome to the Future !!!

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The team is made up of great guus, im looking forward to a wonderful journey ahead!


It's going to be big

Thanks for coming around @preciousimo

Glad to found this out, heading to the discord server to be fully part into this. Great work. But link don't work