#Bigwaves: Community Curation & Love At It's Best!

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Hey guys! Have you heard of Bigwaves? If you haven't, gather round, grab a chair, and let me give you the gist! Bigwaves is a curation project pioneered by an amazing team of Steemians; @ehiboss, @destinysaid, @ogoowinner & of course, @fisteganos. Do check out their introductory post [Here] for more of the heartwarming, joy inducing information😍. Bigwaves aims to curate as much quality content as possible, bringing smiles to many faces and the ginger of encouragement to deserving writers! It is not limited to the Nigerian and African communities but will focus majorly on the Nigerian community for starters.

I'm sure your thinking, "Will she just get to the point already!". Lol, apologies, I was just enjoying drawing it out. Ok! So I'll go straight to the point. I am one of the Bigwaves curators and we will be diving headlong into work from tomorrow, 1st of June. My colleagues and I will be looking out for your exceptional posts because Bigwaves is all about rewarding quality content and excellently composed articles regardless of their genre. In the words of the Bigwaves pioneers; "Bring your A game from now on! Rewards are not for the faint of heart..."

Don't fret though, just be prepared to do your best and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the rewards you will get for your efforts. Although Bigwaves is not limited to curating any particular genre, I have my personal preferences and areas of strength and here are the qualities I would mostly be looking out for in the posts I would be selecting for curation (a.k.a. "a kiss on the cheek");

Followers of @bigwaves
None plagiarized articles
Well formatted articles
Well referenced pictures
Meaningful and useful content
Posts with #bigwaves as 1st or 2nd tag & #nigeria tags
Articles about Psychology, Motivation, Family & Life

Welcome to the future! Let's get wavy guys!!!

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oh yeah! big waves indeed!


This is cool!!

Say, most people group psychology and philosophy in the same category... That works for you too?


They aren't at all the same for me but yes, i would enjoy reading philosophical posts...

Oh wow, this is really great.
I trust it going to be a beautiful journey.
Looking forward to it...Well done for the job ahead!
Keep steeming!


Lol...thanks for the accolades...cheers bruv!

Awesome, thanks for sharing this


Padi mi to sure ju! It was my pleasure to share this too. Thanks a million for the resteem

I'm enjoying this already.
Thanks @bigwaves for such initiative


Thanks bruv! Glad you enjoyed reading this.

Hehe..let the waves sweep us off our feet😍


oh yeah! They sure would...

Awwwwwn, so welcoming


Yayyyy...I'm glad you like it. Waiting for yours

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This is an amazing concept.


yes it is....thanks!

It's getting wavy here. Nice job @mosunomotunde


Lol @wavy...yes ooo...it sure is! Thanks bruv

Go Bigwaves......i know that you will surely deliver because your name says it all.


Yes oo...thanks a lot for this vote of confidence!

Awesome! We're getting the thrills from all these excitement!!!


Oh yeah! We are

I'm excited about this already. Some wavy articles are loading


Yaaaayyyyy... Waiting for them love!


oh yes it does! Cheers bruv