On curation -- My Preferences as a bigwaves community curator.

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Hey Steemit, it's @pangoli here again and I bring good tidings from the Bigwaves community organized by @fisteganos, @ehiboss, @ogoowinner, and @destinysaid

With effect from Tomorrow being the first day of June 2018, the Bigwaves community curation would commence and we are excited about the bloggers who take out the time to put up quality contents out there. Rest assured, the bigwaves community has got you covered, as we have a team of curators constantly on the prowl to seek those amazing articles.

There are a couple of ground rules that are already set in place to coordinate how curation would be carried out. Hence, this post would serve as a guide for everyone who would be curated using the bigwaves account, as well as spell out my preferences as a curator.

  • Every post that would be curated by the @bigwaves account must have the bigwaves AND the nigeria tags. This is to make it easier for curators to find your posts easily. Hence, it would be appreciated if you use both tags. Also, there might be consequences for spamming the bigwaves tag with articles you are sure aren't up to par. If you wrote it really well, and you think it would scale, feel free to use the bigwaves tag in addition to the nigeria tag.

  • Curators are to look out for Plagiarism in posts that are considered for submission. Hence, articles conjured using Google Translate or word spinners will not be curated.

  • Articles are judged for quality based on a number of staples such as content, articulation, proper references to images and texts, and length. While there aren't any strict codes as to which rule is preferred over which, the presence of some or all of the above would pull you up the pecking order.

Our curators are unique individuals, and might have preferences as regards which posts they deem quality or interesting. Below are my preferences:

  • Education and parenting
  • Science and technology.
  • Health and Fitness
  • Books and literature.

  • I shall not curate articles that are below 300 words. Nothing too personal, really.

  • I shall not curate religious-based articles, especially the types that are skewed in favour of one religion over the other. To avoid controversies as to which religious post is "too religious" or not, i will be skipping them altogether.

  • Story contests that are within predefined word limits are okay with me. As long as it meets the aforementioned criteria, it may be curated.

  • I shall not curate political articles that seek to incite violence or rancour amongst a community.

  • I shall not curate Steemit-based articles such as meetups, hangouts, etc. There are several other curators on the lookout for that already.

  • Blockchain and Crypto-related articles that seek to teach or educate the users on new ideas or tutorials may be curated. Crypto-related articles that simply share the news or whip out a few lines and patterns will be ignored.

Rest assured, these are solely my Preferences, and I take full responsibility for every quote. Of course, this doesn't mean that your posts would be ignored if you belong to a different Niche other than the ones I mentioned. Not at all. Some other curator might enjoy what I skipped. So chin up, and don't give up hope.

For starts, how about I invite you to the discord server?

Join us here, don't be a stranger.
Bigwaves: Beyond curation!

Psst! wanna know us a bit more? Here's our introductory article: https://steemit.com/bigwaves/@bigwaves/building-community-beyond-curation

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We don't just ride waves, we make them. And we make them BIG!

Your requirements are quite standard, ive observed few communities curating plagiarised contents, its a good thing u know how to tackle plagiarism,
Keep steeming !
Steem your way to greatness!
Steemit team F1 1520615954267.jpg
See you at the finish line!

Absolutely fantastic...

Go pang!!!


Thanks for being here Vhe!

Wow cool.
I don't know what is more exciting, that you dropped another post in this your scarce season or that you're one of our curators.

Looking forward to a great journey
Keep steeming!


Thank you Precious.

And he has done it again! Fantastic writing love...absolutely precise and on point


Hehehehe... Thank you so much dear.

That's a very nice initiative. Too bad, my blogs don't fall to any of those categories mentioned. Hehe. But I'm happy there are a lot of curation team now, helping out minnows like us. More power to you guys. ☺️

  ·  3년 전

Congrats bro. Good to see u being selected. Can people living outside Nigeria be a part of bigwave community?


That would be no, for now. I'll let you know when we open the floodgates for all and sundry. We could use a bit more explosives.

Thanks for being here bro.

  ·  3년 전

okay okay bro. it would be cool if the gates are open. :p

I love this! Go Pangoli!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽


Thank you, sir.

Finally, its up and running. This is really going to be a good one, I love the criteria for curation, it shows that quality content will be appreciated.
This will really make people to give in their best when writing.
More grace to all the team members.
Welcome on board, proudly a ardent follower. I believe together we will take this lovely community to its pinnacle of success .
Well-done @pangoli

It's really lovely, I look forward to a greater pangoli and Nigeria too.

Wow...finally June is here, let me blaze the trail and watch and wait for the goodies from @bigwaves. Great info @pangoli.


It will be good to see the job well done...... reach out to the service to the service of humanity!!!