Big waves : A Hope For The Minnows

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Here we are again, still me @valchiz but this time around it is not from about D_Medic school, the talk for today will be coming from the center table of Big waves community. What we all are expecting is here finally but before we start, let me first calm your mind with this beautiful community song.


We are here because of the minnows
We are here because of you all
We are here because of the minnows
We are here because of you all.

@bigwaves community is finally here, it is a great community which is been organized by the Nigeria representatives (I mean Nigeria Curators) @destinysaid @fisteganos @ehiboss @ogoowinner, all for one and one for all. This is one of the project we all should be dreaming about, we can all read about the project and how the plan in promoting the community here. Today work will be commencing fully and am so blessed to be among the ambassador category of this big community.

Here is my point of view

We all know as a curator, we all have to look for a good quality content and also helping the community and I have always seen the cry of many minnows who have make up their time to write post which is of good quality to them but been neglected by curators all because their standards aren't met. Actually we are all trying and everyone isn't a writer from the start. They can be look upon by the curators and been curated with certain % of upvotes instead of been neglected and a comment of improvement can be given. So they all can improve more.

And I will want us to do is to try our best, to give out the our best effort, don’t just write post within 30 minutes and upload without going through, without giving it the right post formatting and proper picture referencing, give it more time, and give it more quality. That will be part of the criteria I will be looking at.

  • I will not be welcoming tweets post, meme, religious, poetry and political posts

  • plagiarized and spinning of post is a big crime and it is not allow, if find guilty, we all know the right punishment

  • using Bigwaves and nigeria is very compulsory, we should not forget that

We hope to receive the best from you all great steemians. We be dropping my pen here while I continue with my duties.

you can join us on discord

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It's nice to see project that would reward quality minnow post as they have put some much work. I would love to be part of this project , thanks for sharing ...

thanks for standing up and noticing our efforts ,on behalf of we minnows i say a very big thank you