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The bigwaves is here

With the vibe is gradually going down, the fire gradually going off and the huge gap between content and rewards, many have lost hope in curation, resorted to begging ,spamming, quantity with dead quality and we can relate.

Let’s give quality a voice again

It has been a month since @ogoowinner, @ehiboss, @destinysaid and @fisteganos kickstarted the team, we got on board and made our plans known (you can follow up here). There has been a lot of work in the background and wave is set to move with full force tomorrow June 1st.

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Get caught up in the waves (curation)

We are a unified voice, we are the change the blockchain needs for curation. We are borne out of the fire of so many zero post payouts, we are the tears, pain, and frustration of so many quality content writers. We belong to everybody and nobody at the same time.

I am @vheobong curating for @bigwaves community and i would be looking out for your exceptional content in the following niches

  • Business and finance
  • Designs and tutorials
  • Psychology
  • Motivation and life
  • Fashion

Apart from motivation and life, the other categories have somewhat been abandoned most likely due to low payout so if you are into any of these categories, it's time to get into your creativity room and let out some amazing content.
sounds exciting, yeah?

curation criteria

  • Use #bigwaves and #nigeria as tags
  • Be a part of the community, follow us @bigwaves and join us on discord here
  • No plagarism or word spinning.
  • Exceptional contents only
  • Posts should be neatly arranged and properly formatted
  • Nothing less than 300 words (personal)
  • Designs should be detailed and original(strict design rules apply)

If i am not covering your niche,someone else is definitely up to that, find out from the other curators @mosunomotunde @pangoli @hornblende @dhayor.

what are you waiting for?

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Very lovely @vheobong! Well written indeed!


Thank you...

Thumb up dear.....keep on with the good work you are known for.....


Thanks dear...
I appreciate your support

Interesting niche you've chosen! We are loving the diversity! So so excited already!!! #bigwaves


Yeah yeah...
Let's do this!

This is indeed fabulous, I am happy and grateful to be witnessing this RN


We are out to support

  ·  3년 전

What defines an exceptional content?

@vheobong that discord link has expired.
I have a powerful motivational post i will love you to see.