The Tale of Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates


The Tale of Mark Zuckerberg & Bill Gates

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This is a short story but a true one.

Two Wizards met one day and decided their Wizardry was not working well enough to control the masses with their spells. These wizards were Bill and Mark.

They saw the large masses of people migrating away from their controlled platforms, and instead of trying to compete with the likes of then steemit which is now hive, and other platforms like somee that are a direct threat to Facebook. They decided to censor these new decentralized spaces and ban people from posting about them on Facebook.

When this didn’t work because the people kept leaving. The wizards decided to come up with a new plan the Corona Chan. Now Bill Gates could use a plandemic to bring forth a cashless society, but not the decentralized crypto paradise that was possible, no quite the contrary, they have rolled out New World Order digital centralized currencies.

It was all a plan. The end.

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