Finally, a DAPP Store for all Blockchain dApps to make life easier



Just like App Store is a collection of mobile apps for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices, is introducing a Dapp Store for all blockchain dApps. It will be compatible with all mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Now this sounds a ground breaking move that will be of immense help to spur the blockchain adoption through easy user access to all blockchain based dApps.

These days, dApps are an in-thing in most of the blockchain ecosystems. Several blockchain are facilitating a variety of dapps including Steem blockhain. But an end user could only access the dapps available on the blockchain he/she has an account with and is familiar with that interface.

Dapp Store will be blockchain agnostic. Users won't need to create different accounts for each blockchain to use their dApps. Users would also not be required to purchase 'n' number of different tokens for every blockchain to get access to an dApp built on it. will set up and manage all these account for the user.

The initial version for Dapp Store will support only EOS blockchain and later on it will expand to Ethereum and other blockchains.

Currently is inviting testers for its Dapp Store Beta Test 2 which will start with EOS based SUMO gaming platform.

Hope it will soon include almost every available dApp on it. It provides a one line code to be included by dApp developers and that will be enough for the Dapp Store to start supporting that dApp too.

I hope this should give a good boost in onboarding new users to the blockchain ecosystem as a whole.

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