What to do with your small crypto coin balances & Binance referral commissions doubles & BNB spikes ~20% :)


Hey guys, hope all's well. Many of you in Binance may already know that the coins with <0.001BTC values can be converted to Binance(BNB) coin.Well, if you didn't know please do read through...
Now you may ask why should i convert it? Because you won't be able to trade them as they as very low in value and wont even be able to cover the trading fee...

As you can see that i have many coins in here and im glad that Binance has come up with such an amazing idea that none of their counterparts (that i know of) have come with.

As you can see there are 19 coins and once i convert them i can get as much as 1.78 BNB
WOW smooth and sweet...

With that said i also want share that Binance is the worlds largest crypto exchange and has actually doubled the commission rates for each new referrals and that has led to a beautiful spike of ~23% today in BNB/USDT...

Hope this was helpful and informative peeps and do sign up to Binance if you haven't yet and would be nice to buy some BNB too during a drop...

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Thank you, your post has added insight to me. And I will always follow, Because of the post you Very handy and useful @amreshchandra


Thanks, glad this was helpful :)

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I didn't even know what it means to convert.... Thanks for sharing


Hope its clear now from the post, please consider singing up

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Your post really helpful & i really didn't know about this method.
I am new here & you can check my first post @gobind.
Thank You!


Sure welcome to Steemit and nice to meet you

You information was very helpful, I just converted 2 of my coin to BNB, for more information if anyone is interested in making money with Binance Sign up here

Thanks for this helpful post! I'll convert my small change! :)


Sure. No point keeping them, i have quite a lot small change in Bittrex and other exchanges , cant transfer or convert or...Ahh . Glad Binance has this option but yea, they keep a small % though, still fine..:)


very good information, I also want to try this Binance.


Sure bro please do sign up here

Post is really useful for us, and I follow a good post from you, Thanks @amreshchandra

I know little about BINANCE but don't know it's this helpful

Thanks so much for the information, it's helpful


Sure bro..Do sign up 😊

Hello @amrashchandra been a while you blog, hope all is well with you. How is your family and your work. This information will really helpful. I will try to sign up.


Alls good bro..going well. Hope everything great there too. Glad this has been helpful


You are awesome sir. Yes I am.