Binance Hacked Aftermath: It's NOT A Really Big Deal So Get Over It!

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It has been all over the social media yesterday and even the whole day today, a lot of people have posted on their walls that Binance was hacked and lost 7,000 Bitcoin (BTC) or $41 Million. I guess most people are really clinging to its popularity getting viral and some people will just let everyone know out of goodness sake to let their fellow traders get warned.

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Our voice matters. Of course, but let's always weigh things out if we are going to let others have a good impression about cryptocurrencies and trading or they will really get scared to even try it for themselves.

Binance isn't really much affected and $42 Million is just a piece of cake for them. It didn't even agitate the top 10 cryptocurrencies on the market today and BTC continues to climb up to 2.74% versus USD. Though the remaining altcoins kinda suffered a slight dips but it just seems normal.

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STOP speculating that what happened is an inside job since we don't know for a fact that it's true and proven those allegations towards the Binance Team. Who woud ruin themselves to the public and let everyone lose their trust on the largest exchanger on the planet?

I was thankful that I was also warned. I already lost my access to Binance since my phone was lost and its gonna take me a real hard time resetting the Auth Keys and 2FA for that matter. I am just really glad that I was able to not only diversify my finances to a lot of different altcoins but also with exchangers as well.

I was clearly aware of the Coincheck Hack because I always receive a notification through my email whenever BTC surged or dipped by 10%. Then found out that I was no longer receiving those notifications. To my surprise, they were also hacked.

Some memorable trading sites that got hacked was Mt.Goh, POSWallet, Cryptopia, Yobit, Bitfinex and Bancor. Searching the internet for other exchangers bewildered me to see Poloniex, Bithumb and ShapeShift on the list! Check it here: Exchangers that was hacked according to year

Let's just leave it and go on with our daily lives.

This should not let us stop from reaching our goals and learn to be wiser!

Real lesson to all of us, store our digital assets to our wallets and keep it extra safe. After the exchange from a crypto-pairing, then transfer all the funds to our wallets. If we sold our coins to USD then why not withdraw those funds and turn it into fiat? Which by the way you can store safely into banks (for the mean time) - Hold your horses, I don't intend to promote banking here.

You hate banks? Then nobody should've been using banks since the world began. You hate credit cards because of large fees? Probably you just always forget paying your outstanding balance on the due date. Or probably don't really intend paying what you owe at all.

If you are ready to trade again, then go ahead and exchange your fiat to cryptocurrencies.

Thank you so much for dropping by and reading my post.

This is @fycee, would be really grateful for an upvote. Follow me too for more blogs like this. See you on my next post.
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Hi!! I have low power to vote now. But, please remember me to vote your post tomorrow. Well, I really don't know what's the time over there, but here is 16:43 (UTC - 4:00)

OMG! I had money on Binance!

Well, just some pennies

I was thankful that I was also warned. I already lost my access to Binance since my phone was lost and its gonna take me a real hard time resetting the Auth Keys and 2FA for that matter

Been there, and I had to take my picture again and twice. But It was relatively faster than Bittrex

Next time all you have to do is write down the secret code for 2FA (I didn't write it the first time ), so you won't have to do the same process all over again. You can reactivate 2FA with that secret code. The same with Bittrex and Kucoin.

Thanks for sharing


Hello there @jadams2k18.

Thank you so much for dropping by my post here on steemit. Nah, I am perfectly fine being ignored here on this platform because I already have been being acknowledged on publish0x.

I lost my phone and the one who got it messed up my account and my original gmail password. But no worries, my main digital assets are all good. I have practically used Binance as another option for me to buy other assets as a testing ground. As what I have said, It was a relief to have made me consider diversifying not only into altcoins but also exchangers as well. If you have pennies on Binance then it requires certain amount of units to transfer it to your wallet or other exchangers so it will just stay there and the only option for you to withdraw them is to add coins to it until it finally reached the minimum amount to withdraw. Thank you for being proactive sharing your experience. I really appreciate it.


Thank you so much for dropping by my post here on steemit.

You are welcome

But no worries, my main digital assets are all good

Thanks God

.. until it finally reached the minimum amount to withdraw.

I had thought about that, but for now, I can't even save because everything I earn I use to survive. But I don't give up hope that I can do it someday.

Have a nice day!


I know where you are coming from. That's why I will start working again in the BPO industry. Activities here doing crypto will just augment a small amount to our daily expenses.


What's BPO?


Business Process Outsourcing. A call center company. For more info check this one out, also a steemit post:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – Sending Your Total Workload To Other Countries


I think I heard something about that some time ago.

It is better to stop using Binance in that case.

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diversify not only with altcoins but also with exchangers. Thanks for dropping by and this makes me feel good again being on steemit.

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binance.. binance hehe. hope it's oks now.