Help Steem Get Listed on Binance US!

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Call to Action!

Binance US will be a nice addition to Steem, especially if we can land a USD stable coin pairing.

Binance US is asking for suggestions on what token they should add next:

“Binance.US is home to 25 digital assets and counting.

What digital assets would you like to see us explore next?”

Comment under the above Tweet and ask for them to add #Steem and post your proof of work below to receive an upvote for your effort.

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Hope they are paying attention, Steem to USD pair will a great option!

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It was #1 for daily transactions yet people get bully flagged for doing business here, book club members only mentality is killing its growth potential.


according to BTS/STEEM/EOS are some of ther mosty active blockchains in the space. With cryptobridge shutting down a large % of transaction volume will be lost on BTS.. Trading STEEM on Sparkdex, another Bitshares gateway DEX, will keep the network active

Done! This is my tweet.

I also made a publication on my Facebook asking my friends for help haha. More people = Better.

Amazing initiative, Dan!

Let´s make this happen :) Thanks for this call to action Dan.

Bez názvu.png

Saw this when @aggroed shared it in PAL.

Definitely would love for this to happen. Makes it easier for US citizens to buy STEEM.


Done, I'll do a post about this also to spreed the message :)

Let's make some noise!


I did my part to save the world, lol

Screen Shot 20191202 at 7.11.01 PM.png

Action done successfully...

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Did it.... Maybe we could get some twitter bots like the XRP and TRX bot armies. Are we missing out on things like this not faking it like they are?

Here's link to my own tweet. I included screenshots of interacting with other people's tweet.




Hope they are paying attention, Steem to USD pair will a great option!

ready, also I leave here the direct link of my commentary


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If Binance.US adds steem to it's list of coins, that would be amazing for ssteem and steemians...
Here is my response


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Done. Good promo. Hope it works.c04jzl8ue6.jpg

Added my comment on twitter!
Would be a nice boost if they do it2D12608D-25BF-4159-81C2-0976A7F7E08A.png


*PROMOTING STEEM OUTSIDE OF STEEM *Screenshot_20191202223444.png

May Steem be successful!

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Done my part helping Steem!

We have to show steem community power here otherwise we will not succeed.


Link to comment :-

Was holding bitcoin to buy STEEM on dip or btc rise yet now powering down & leaving. Many whales are bully flagging for many reasons yet not plagiarism or anything bad and sabotaging this platform. My guess is they hold EOS, many bullies... good luck wish I could stay & help


great idea,, DONE!

CS Shelley (Binance US)

Dec 4, 06:40 CST

Dear user,

Thank you for reaching out.

We are sorry that Steem is not listed in Binance US yet. However, thanks so much for the development suggestion. We will submit it to the relevant team and consider it. We kindly advise you to pay attention to public announcements in the future. There should be a notification when it is available. Your understanding is highly appreciated.

Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions.

Thank you for your support.

Best Regards,
Binance US Support Team

It makes logical sense for them to list such a thriving an long standing community token as STEEM. I have seen so many imitative pages that are basing on the Steem design and protocol.

I already commented

Isn't Steem on there already? Did they remove it? 🤔


It's listing for Binance US. Please read the tweet again

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Yeah, I thought there's only one Binance and no region specific thing. 🤷

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Support Steem

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Screenshot 20191208 06.48.45.png
We like so much :)
Screenshot 20191208 06.49.04.png

Why does Binance have so much SBD in their wallet?

I think this must be clarified first.


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I thought it was on Binance.

Or is this some new Binance?

Sounds simple enough! Resteemed.

We need to re-steem this post so this message reaches to everyone steemit platform user.
My vote and re-steem for this post. Soon. I'll post my opinion and share too.

Hi Dan.

Proof of work below 😉 I asked for USD/steem or USDC/steem pairing to try and encourage more trading of steem.

If you have the time Dan, could you throw me a vote on one of my posts rather than this comment, cheers.

I wrote a post about passing rep 70 today:

  ·  5일 전

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I'm Done here is proof of work.q.jpg


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if this could happen it could change everything.. .

@theycallmedan you should consider reposting this again on every platform possible

Hi Dan
Binance has stolen 19441 SBD's from the steem community, you might want to address that first.


Its an easy way for exchanges to collect money. Its not technically stealing just like its not stealing giving a short notice no one sees that you are delisting a token.
How much Steem did JustinTRON pocket on Poloniex just by delisting it. More then he would have made in a decade from fees. And the rest of the tokens he delisted? Probably couple hundred k USD from stopping a service.

Thats why i never keep anything on a exchange. Even though they didnt steal, exchanges are disgusting crooks that will over time take over the crypto space. I mean already they have massive effect on price movement.


I think they didn't steal anything. They just use the accout @deepcrypto8 for transfers, just like bittrex use @bittrex. I don't know why they don't use @binance , maybe they lost access to it. But, let's ask those who are sending always steem to that account. I know some of them : @ashikstd , @firepower , @acidyo even @actifit and @ocd-witness are sending there steem. Did you lose your money guys ?


please read the post with more attention, it says sbd, not steem, and no they didnt lose access to the account, they just simply refuse to send back the nearly 20k sbd's the steem community sent to that wallet, which by the way, is illegal.


I haven't lose anything.
That account @deepcrypto8 is a wallet for binance, I guess.
I've sold steem many times to different friends and they preferred that wallet.


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