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As you may know, Binance occasionally asks it's followers which coin they should look into adding next.

So, yesterday I created a poll based on the top coin suggestions for a Binance.US listing from comments on Binance's Tweet:

The poll is starting to pick up steam ;) and there is one day left in the voting with Steem and ETN neck & neck.

steem ADdd.png

I am giving Steemians a second chance at earning an upvote by voting in the poll.

Post proof of your vote below to receive an upvote.

Post Beneficiaries: 100% @steem.dao

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There you go champ.

And I think you saw my reply on that one, lol

I don't get it why they can't just add the first two if it's a matter of vote!
Anyways, has anybody tried to get Steem on southXchange:
I've been using them for a good time now and they work like a charm. Transferring money to bank account in Argentina is free, to a US bank account will cissy $ 3 and they have a load of coins there.

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Done <3

Done ✅✅✅

Let’s go Steem!021B166B-3BD3-4294-B48F-756B34C4067D.png


@theycallmedan, I want to appreciate your effort towards spreading the strong voice of Steem on Twitter.

Keep up the good work and my good wishes are with you.

Kindly find the below screenshot for your reference brother.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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Done!! And Forever Steem!!!

!giphy smile

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Done and resteemt!

Voted #steem

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Already voted!

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Here is the proof of my vote! :)



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The obvious choice...

Screen Shot 20200125 at 3.34.20 PM.png

Yeah man!! Done!😉💪✌️

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We need more efforts to get steem on first position



Done, I hope Steem will get more votes than ETN in the end...


Done! Thank you for your effort 👍


Already done

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Fully supported !


Yes, Already did it :D

My participation:


Thanks for support

Firma Bloque64.png

Done voted

I voted for steem.

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38.3%! We're winning! Very well done, @theycallmedan.

Did my contribution ;)

Hey, just letting you know I will start being active on Twitter. No upvote needed. And I listened to your Life podcast #1, enjoyed! ;)


Done! ✌️

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Done! Keep up the good work promoting Steem!


Steem On!


Done :D


Process Done.


Voted #steem

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Glad to see Steem is still dominating, not just in the votes but the replies as well!

Steem's Twitter presence is growing :^)

I did my part, hope it helps!

Done! 💜


Here is my vote and ReTweet. Very good idea for a poll :)



Winning at 44%

ETN stands no chance :) Let´s flex those Steem muscles one more time!

Bez názvu.png


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let's make it happen : )

Voted for Steem. Can't heart your post because my account got suspended or has no permission to do that...



Twitter is not a safe platform like steemit. You lost your account...I already lost two accounts in last 3 years.

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I didn't know that it is that bad. I never spammed anything. Just posted once that I support Steem... 🤐


Sometimes they suspend without any reason.

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Steem 37.7%!

I 💓steem, done to vote for steem. Proof


done it

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Yep I'm in





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Thanks for the effort towards #Steem 🙏


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Voted for Steem.


Done! Thanks for all the fun things you do Dan! Give the votes to smaller accounts

voted, do you believe me? :D


Screenshot of (1) TheycallmeDan on Twitter_ _@BinanceAmerica We can always settle this in a poll. These are the top requested coins I have seen in the ....jpg

Voted for Steem. Unfortunately no possibility in partiko to add a foto as proif-of-work 😏

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This post Resteemed by@leader1

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Done, need no upvotes.
Thanks for constantly pushing steem :D

Voted, retweeted and wrote a post about it. I hope this time we have better luck on this...

i have done it.


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🐑 🐑 🐑

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Voted for Steem. Steem needs mass adoption.

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Always supporting our currency. Thank you for these initiatives, @theycallmedan. I attach my tweet with the support. A hug for you.

It's a done deal. Appreciate it , Dan. No upvote needed :)

I voted too, but I was thinking more about crypto card listing for Steemit. Something like

"CRYPTO.COM | Listing"


What do you think?

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resteemed to help get more eyes on it and votes for steem 😉👍

Mais sera

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Let steem take its place

ETN has taken the lead. Not even sure what that is. Steem ought to be winning. Let's make that happen.

thumbs up for steem on BINANCE wihout steems on our trade is incomplete, have done my vote if you re reading this please upvote


This was an in-official not at all binding vote. Winning this vote doesn't mean Steem will be listed on Binance.

IsNt Steem already there ???

👏 muy buena informacion,saludos ahi mi voto

Done! Thanks

Resteemed :-)

Plz follow me

Considering how strong it's been on the DApp side of things, and with all the positive publicity and engagement - I think having #Steem (courtesy of @steemit) listed, is a good choice.

&mdash; Zack Norman (@zacknorman97) January 27, 2020

You have my vote, sir!

Steem won. Despite the massive SPAMing from the Electroneum (ETN) crowed.


Cheers! Steemians really came together for that final push.

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Thanks for this post.

Will definitely go with this

Binance is the highest volume bitcoin exchange market at the moment.
That's because binance has a lot of altcoins for display. Besides binance is also one of the markets with the lowest trading fees. Binance provides a fee of only 0.05% for each transaction. Quite low compared to other popular markets such as Bittrex, Huobi, Coinbase and Okex. With a low fee that attracts many traders to open an account at Binance. Another advantage, among others, for novice traders is very easy to make buying and selling transactions in Binance.

Do you think that we could ever see Steem being added to coinbase? Asking for a friend :p

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Always steem.

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Thanks for the post.

But isn't Steem already listed on Binance? Is it different on Binance "international" and Binance US?