What is bio metric method?For details about the bio metric system.

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Origin of bio metrics:

It can be said that before the nineteenth century two scientists have made some plans in this regard. Later in 1891 a scientist in Argentina handed over a fingerprint of the terrorists to the military. Since then the bio metric process began.


Bio means life, birth, etc. Metric is a parameter that implies how it works.

"The person who is separated for his characteristics". In other words, bio metrics is a person's identity card using the features of human immutable physical or behavior. These features include finger, hands, legs, face, eyes and movements. But fingerprint, eye and facial appearance are used exclusively.


How Works Bio metric process:

People and animals have some organs that are different from one person to another. Such as eyes, DNA, fingerprint etc. In these Bio metric systems, these different organs are worked in two steps.

The first step is to take hand pressure, eye type, or DNA samples of the object (whose hand print is taken).

The last step is to name, address, etc. objects. It is possible to identify the objects in this field if any other type of crime is changed later by changing their name address.


Bio metric system advantages and dangers!!!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has been campaigning for the protection of the people's personal rights and independence in the digital world for a period of time. Bio metric methods have many advantages by acknowledging the EFF. Likewise, the huge gate of danger has opened it too. Among these dangers, according to the EFF, private privacy is private. Freedom is also endangered due to its lack. The dependence on this method is increasing mainly due to the encouragement of companies producing profits and government sponsorship. EFF commented, the government can easily monitor and control every citizen by bio metric ID. Even mindedness But the identity of the terrorists was not quite possible by identifying the terrorist ID or the control of terrorism. The Foundation said 'Bio metric methods are able to protect personal privacy. But the secret is in the possession of the government and local and foreign companies.

But the biggest complaint is CFCL. They said that international companies save and control this information. No one knows how to use his explicit information. These companies include Marfa Saran of France, American Ernst & Young, Accent Chur and LII Dentistry. They will keep these information in India under the Adjara Act for seven years.

CFCL mentions that the entrepreneur or owner of this company, former CIA and FBI officials. India's defense forces, Colonel Matthew Thomas, in an appeal to the Indian Supreme Court, said that giving these information to the foreign companies under the control of foreign companies would mean opening up the privacy of the country and handing over security to foreigners. That is why he called this officer the mischief of the country's sovereignty. Colonel Thomas called the use of biometric methods in the mobile phone's SIM card. The movement against this act is being done through this act through the 'Andhra Act'. Dr. Krishna claimed that India followed the Pakistan and started fingerprints in mobile phone SIM etc. And its extent expanded in Nepal and Bangladesh. He said that Pakistan has now become a totally barren country. The main argument for this curse is that it will control terrorism and prevent it. But there was no break in terrorist activities in Pakistan.


Pakistan registers mobile SIM in bio metric system as the world's first country. Bangladesh has started registration as a second country.

In late November, Bangladesh's Communication and Technology Advisor Sajib Wazed Joy examined the bio metric method of sim registration. On December 16, he ordered all mobile operators of the country to fully launch the country. All the bio metric procedures for registration of SIM in the world are new. We are the second country to register SIM in bio metric system. A fingerprint reader is attached to a computer for sim registration. His fingerprint record was taken with the user phone number. No information is taken out of that. If you want to know something about the SIM user for future searches, then according to the fingerprint, it is possible to find a fingerprint record list for voter registration. Or if Vital is not a voter, it is possible to separate him in the intelligence system through his fingerprint.


Every device has a good and bad side, so everyone should think well.

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