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I thought this was about what it meant to you - the poster. However, I see it is about what it meant to someone else from somewhere on the web.

If it had been personal, I would have read and upvoted, whether I agreed with you or not. As is, I'm out, sorry - and feeling let down.


🤣🤣 this is MY podcast hence MY thoughts. If you would have asked (or seen my other content) you'd have known. Thanks for stopping in anyway.

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If you had said so in your post, I would have gone.

It is not only me, many are wary of going to other sites.

Maybe next time then...

So, I watched the movie and returned to see what you have to say. I used the link, I saw where I should click, I clicked...I could see it was working, but I could not hear anything.

Oh well, at least I tried. Thanks


I appreciate you taking the time out to try. Thank you. I have embedded the podcast episode for anyone else and will do so for all future episodes. Thanks again.


I tried it again, but still does not work for me. I also cannot see some movies on YT (I get a message about html5) and I cannot watch any of the new vieo sites, so I presume it must be a simialr problem, from my side, not yours.