Beautiful duck photo

3년 전

Hello app ko maien duck kye photo dekhao ga app ko mere ajj kye photo achi lagye gai.mujhe bhut achi lagye yeahi photo tu maine soucha app dostion kye saath share kero.mujhe duck bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai aur pasand bhi hai uss wajha sy maine app kye saath yeahi photo dekhai rehai hoo bhut hai zaida achi photo hai app ko achi lagye gai aur pasand bhi ayaai gyee.mujhe yeahi duck bhut achi lagte hai.aur yeahi duck zaida shouq sy water maine rethai hai loog uss ko apni ghar maine bhi shouq sy rekthai hai yeahi bhut hai zaida kabshurat birds hai aur bhut hai zaida mujhe bhi acha lagtai hai aur pasand hai.


image source

image source
mere saath mere ghar walo ko bhi yeahi bhut acha lagtai hai app na bhi dekhai hoga uss birds ko bhut hai zaida acha aur kabshurat birds hai.aur mujhe uss kye awaaz jao hai woh bhut hai zaida achi lagte hai aur pasand bhi hai.

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