What goes around comes around


Meet the crow Marusya. Marusya has been living with us for several years. She was our first crow. She happened to be in our house by accident.


“Take a crow, she is miserable!” - my friend said on the phone. I agreed. Then I didn’t know that this decision would turn the whole life of the birds yard upside down.


The crow looked really miserable ... A crooked beak, a tucked paw, torn out feathers ... It looked like it had been hard hit by its relatives. I felt sorry for her. But very soon everything fell into place.

Only a few days passed and it became clear that relatives-crows beat Marusya for a reason. In addition to her extraordinary appearance, the crow had an exceptionally vile character!


She constantly bullied other birds, stole eggs, and from time to time screamed as if she were summoning Satan from Hell. Other birds did not endure for long and Marusya again ran into trouble. I had to think about a separate enclosure for her.

For all the time that she lives with us, she made friends with only two birds. This is surprising because crows are flocking birds. But Marusya is a vivid example of the fact that a bad character can complicate the life of not only a person, but also a bird. Although, why did I decide that her life is difficult? Rather, she makes it difficult for others, while she herself feels great!




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