Curious Sea Gull

2개월 전

Hey, guys. How are you doing? Hope all your close people are ok.

My today's story is about the Sea Gull. Here, look at that arrogant look. I bet he considers himself a descendant of the ancient Romans, and perhaps even a relative of one of the Patricians. Good posture and a suit of very high quality. It may seem at a glance that he is also posing for tourists. Besides, the environment is quite good.



Not at all! Now, look closer. Despite the chic and the outer gloss, those despicable non-Roman citizens don't pay any attention to him. Every one of them is busy with some stuff, instead... now let me see...


Hmm, no idea what can be so exciting in there. Hey, c'mon, what about another angle and position?


Oh, nobody's there. What about this guy? He looks intelligent staring at that weird stuff. I think I need to come closer ... and take a look ...


That's all folks. Hopefully, neither women nor men were hurt or offended ^-^. All the more my point was a sea gull, and photography, and a little bit of human stereotypes. Everything to make your day nice and easy.


Thank you so much for your visit! I hope you enjoyed my today's selection. Stay safe and have a wonderful day!

Unless stated otherwise all photos used in my posts are taken and owned by myself. If you wish to use any of my images please contact me.

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