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🔶The Ural owl (Strix uralensis)

These are the last photos from my meeting with this owl. She got used to me for a very long time, as soon as i got closer to her, she immediately flew away. I had to carefully run after her, climbing and descending the hill. And finally I managed to get close to her, she sat quietly, but was alert.


But then suddenly four magpies appeared, which at first chirped loudly when they saw a large bird of prey, and then began to attack it altogether.
This photo from above, I was able to take just when this unfortunate owl flew away from these magpies. She hid herself with branches, flew from tree to tree. But magpies were very aggressive and chased her for about 40 minutes.


And in the end, the owl managed to find a quiet place where no one disturbed her. She sat quietly and dozed. From time to time she glanced at me, who was standing next to her. In a while, she finally fell asleep.



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