The birthing of new life...

2년 전

I am elated to announce the water birth of my youngest child...

Massaging and breathing through the waves of pain...

A smooth, easy, graceful water birth from an incredible woman.

I delivered the baby (so strange that the person catching the baby is the one that is termed the deliverer) and unwrapped the umbilical cord that was tight around her little body. (At least it wasn’t wrapped twice around her neck like her big sister. I had to think quick that time)
Then I passed bubba under mama’s legs, pulled her out of the water bum first in order to draw the amiotic fluid out easier.

Welcome to planet Earth Levana Penina!

Here’s one of your big sisters to greet you.



Snuggled and sleeping.

Thanks for coming along the journey here.

All of the ebullient love zinging through my cells at the moment is shining out to you wherever you are to lift your spirits up higher!

I try my best to check out the blogs of my genuine upvoters as well as those of you who do genuine comments and especially those who follow me…

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Yeah so so happy to see this, congratulations to you and your amazing partner and welcome earthside little Levana Penina. Thank you so much for sharing this, home births are amazing and birth is so sacred and so empowering for the mama when they are allowed to birth their babies the way they want. Yeah for natural birth, so so important to promote all the wonderful natural birth stories. your daughter is so beautiful, and your partner a Goddess x enjoy your baby moon xxxx


Thanks so much, mate @trucklife-family!
I completely agree! It’s an amazing women’s initiation that should be kept as natural as possible.

We're born alone, we live alone, we die alone. Only through our love and friendship can we create the illusion for the moment that we're not alone.


Ever since my first child was born I’ve found this Orson Wells quote to be extremely naive and obviously written by a man in a time when men had no idea about birth at all as it was women’s business that men took little, if any, part in.
No human is ever born alone.
We don’t hatch out of eggs like sea turtles.
It is virtually impossible for any mammal to be born alone.
We grow from and come out of another being.
Our mother.
And, in the case of hominids, there is almost always another 3rd person or more people to catch the child.
We are literally born into a collective.
That’s the physical reality.
Then the other stark reality is that we live and exist in a cosmic soup teaming with dynamic energy and life.
We are constantly surrounded by energy and trillions of molecules, as well as microbial life forms, which are inside us and intrinsically a part of us.
It is virtually impossible to be alone. Ever.

We are interdependent beings.

Independence and separation are anthropocentric illusions.

We are born together.
We live together.
We die together.

The question really is:
Do we die at all? Or do we merely pass through doors of perception?


You could say that we are alone, or more optimistically you could say that there is no duality; separateness to anything. The illusion is that we are these individual discrete beings. If one looks deeply, it can be seen that there is a fundamental interdependence to all things.

Congratulations you two! Errr... three :)


Thanks so much bruthaman!
Errr... six actually haha (if we count my eldest 19 year old daughter and my 8 year old step-daughter and our 2 year old).

CONGRATS !!!! great to hear all went well and mum and bub are safe and healthy :) much love, hugs and positive vibes to you and your family :)


THANKS so much bro @mfxae86!!!
All was and is superb and beautiful, healthy and happy!

Congrats. I had no idea you had midwife/doula/whatever skills! Can't say I'm overly surprised though.


Thanks mate @choogirl!
Yeah, I was playing Didge and guitar whilst catching bubs! Hehehehe.

But yeah, it’s interesting to discover what we’re capable of in extreme circumstances. I’m usually able to think quickly in the moment during stressful events, which is guess is why I figured out how to unwrap the umbilical cord from my second daughter’s neck whilst her face was going blue. In the last 2 births, I had to show the midwives how to pull a baby from out of the water as they thought babies should come out face first, until I explained that the suction caused by the water and gravity helps draw the amiotic fluid from the lungs easier when pulling the baby out bum first, face last. Obviously not too slowly though as the cold air triggers the baby’s breathing reflex.

Congratulations Papa! She is beautiful!

My last baby was a water birth and I wish I'd discovered it sooner. It was such a beautiful experience!!


THANK you 🙏🏽 @crowbarmama!
At least you discovered it at some point.
All my girls were water 💦 births.
Such a blessing.

I'm sooo glad for you Nathan! And for the rest of your family, that's now enriched by Levana's existence! You keep amazing. From all the chaotic times you and your family have gone through to arrive at your purple palace, you just breeze through and deliver a new life. Not all by yourself of course ;-) Congratulations to your wife too; I hope (and believe) she's well.

Much love and blessings for all of you! <3


Thank you so much, bruthaman!
So many blessings!
So much love!

Congratulations you guys!
Wow... Such an incredible process...
and such an incredibly beautiful baby girl!
You're def down with a proud Papa face, Nathan.

Brother, my respect for you has just leap-frogged several notches.
Where you get the inner strength, knowledge, confidence, and courage to deliver a baby is way beyond my comprehension.
Truly amazing!


Thanks 🙏🏽 so much broski!
I’ve delivered all my girls.
It just felt natural. In fact, my first girl was born when I was 25 and the midwife and doula slept in our bed through most of it. Lol!
It’s surprising what we are capable of when left to our own devices.
Much Mahalo

Beautiful! I've always wondered about this method. I've heard a lot of people say that it is much less traumatic for the child.


Yes, I thinks that’s the case indeed. This is my third water birthing experience. Because the baby is immersed in amiotic fluid and then into water that’s at body temperature, the impact of Earth’s gravity is far less. In the case of my first two girls, they were awake with their eyes open with only their head out, and then attempting to swim once out of the womb as their limbs weren’t as constricted by the weight of gravity.

Every birth is a chance for a better world ❤️.....Congratulations and welcome on Earth for Levana! :)


Yes. We think alike. I see the conscious raising of our next generation as the biggest evolutionary revolutionary activist action.
Thanks so much @psionic-tremors!

Congratulations! That's a wonderful experience and I wish you all the best


Thanks heaps mate @steevc!

congratulations...she is too cute ..


Thanks buds @itstime! She is cute. (Although I do find new borns to be rather alien looking. Haha)


Mostly Cuz they can't see far away and it looks adorable


Also because their heads have been squished coming through the womb. It’s amazing to see how their head and face slowly come to form afterwards.


Its mostly magic from what i can tell..

Wife just had a natural birth, breathing and massage for the win!!


Your wife did also @aitch? Congratulations if so!
Otherwise, if you meant us, thanks so much mate. 🙏🏽


Meant to say "my wife also..." Yep it was amazing! We labored in the water but delivered on a full size bed with me by her side, midwife let my wife finish pulling the baby out onto her chest for skin to skin...changed my life.

Wow! congratulations Nathan! I'm so happy for you and your family! Welcome to the world Levana! (i really like her name, i know it's meaning in Hebrew... but i wonder if there is another meaning?

Thank you for sharing this amazing and brave experience. All the best wishes and fast recovery to @marysemciver as well!


Thanks so much lovely!
Levana לָבָנה Penina פְּנִינָּה

Yes, for those that may read this, but don’t know Hebrew, “Levana” means “Moon” or “White”.
Her middle name is “Penina” which means Pearl. In kabbalah, Penina is related to the word penimi, meaning "inner," alluding to inner depth and purity – just as a pure pearl is produced internally.

I don’t know if Levana means anything else in any other language, but strangely enough, Penina is also a Pacific Islander name that also means Pearl. How amazing that two cultures on opposite sides of the globe have the same name with the same meaning!?
It lends itself to the esoteric legend about King David sending out a couple of ships to explore the world and one of them apparently (according to local aboriginal tribes in this area) ended up in Australia.


woah pretty cool! i'm impress with your knowledge of Hebrew! To say it grammatically correctly,, it would be Pnina first and then Levana (as in hebrew the noun comes before the adjective). But Levana first sounds so beautiful, i'm sure she will love her name!
Also you right, i dont think there are other interpretations for Levana other than "white" and "Moon". And the story about where pnina comes from is really interesting!!! never head that before! <3


Yes, I knew that the order should be the other way around (most languages other than English tend to place the subject before the adjective - isn’t English strange that it flips it the other way around?), but feeling into it with mama, it just felt better to begin with Levana. Our hearts know the meaning.
Yeah, the meaning of Penina in two completely different cultures so far flung from each other is bizarre, yet fascinating, right?

Wow in some years from now your own child will be able to see it's very own birth on the blockchain...


What a fantastic thing!
My first born girl had her early childhood pictures (both physical and digital) all destroyed in a flood. If blockchain was there she’d be able to see it.
I have zero photos of my childhood because of a cyclone, a house fire and a flood. I wish blockchain was around back then and my parents were smart enough to put the photos up.

Congratulations! Wish you all the best <3


Thanks mate! 🙏🏽