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Hello Steemians,

With so much gladness in my heart, i wish to notify this wonderful community that today is my birthday and marks the addition of a new year into my years.

Av been through a few pain, a lot of gains, some disappointment, many appointments, deceitful foe, company of good friends, fallen a hundred times and risen a thousand times, holding strong unto my religious faith that the Lord who lifted me up and brought me thus far 👆, will never let me down👇.

Today, i am grateful for the things i have achieved and those that am yet to achieve, i bless the Lord my maker who gives me the power to influence, win and conquer.


I appreciate the family i belong to, the friends i have, the colleagues av met, the team i work with, the love i have, the fun we share and the God i serve, y'all never give up on me to walk alone and you are forever in my heart, let's do more.


I wish myself long life, prosperity, peace, and everything good that life has in stock to offer,
Happy Birthday To Me and many more fruitful years ahead.

Thanks for celebrating me,
I remain yours truly @austinebizzy.

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Hey @Austinebizzy!


Am greatly honoured, big thanks.

Happy birthday wishing you long life and prosperity


Amen... Big thanks to you.

Happy birthday Austin.... many more years to come


Amen... Gracias bro


Big thanks to you

happy Birthday friend..


Thanks friend, i greatly appreciate.

Happy birthday, Bro
Wish you many more years ahead in health and wealth
All disappointments have metamorphosed into appointments
I celebrate you


Amen... Thanks big brother, i appreciate you.

Happy birthday bro. Wishing you many years on Earth in Jesus name.
Greater height from now,God grant you all your heart desires


Amen.... I greatly appreciate, Thanks.

Happy birthday to you. Greater height,progress for you. Enjoy your day today,You shall wax strong in the Lord.


Amen... Thanks dearie, I feel honoured and i appreciate.

Happy birthday!!! Live long and prosper!


Amen... Thanks and God bless.


I appreciate, thanks.

Happy Birthday to you
Wishing you God's blessings


Big thanks dearie, i greatly appreciate.

Happy birthday to you bro...wishing you long life and prosperity


Amen... Gracias

Happy Birthday boss, long life and prosperity.


Amen... Big thanks, i appreciate.

Happy birthday @austinebizzy, may God's grace continue to dwell with you.


Amen... Gracias brother, i greatly appreciate.

Happy Birthday young man


Big thanks to you boss

Happy birthday bro, do have a blast day


Thanks bro, I appreciate.

Happy birthday !!!!!
I wish you long life and prosperity