Today we celebrate @ReverendRum!

3년 전

@ReverendRum lives a pirate’s life, both on and off the Steem Blockchain.

@ReverendRum’s resume also includes

  • Ordained Minister
  • "Pretty Cool Dude"
  • Lawyer.

If you want to follow the coolest pirate in the Steem community, stop by and visit @ReverendRum!


Here Be Ye Treasures. Yarrrr!

My sincerest apologizes

Dear @ReverendRum,

I must apologize because we were suppose to celebrate ye yesterday. When I checked the @birthdayBoost calendar, I misread the date. I have no peg leg to blame!

Please know that we are glad you are a part of the party, and we are excited that you are our first birthday honoree.

Sorry for the delay. Now I will walk the plank!

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No worries, matey! Glad for the birthday wishes regardless. Yarrr.

Love the initiative so far.


Glad to have you on board!


It's a helluva party.