What I had on my birthday



Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well.

When it was my 27th birthday (last June 23), it was very fortunate that I was still able to celebrate my birthday while on we were on a community quarantine. I thought such things would not be given importance by the people that matters to me because of the severity of the issue of the pandemic. The mortality rate of Covid19 is really not high, but it is just that a lot of people from my city do not give importance to their safety and the safety of others.

A day before my birthday, Sev (let's just call him that wat) treated me to a dinner as he wanted to celebrate it in advance with me. He was like, Oh gail, would you want to celebrate your birthday with me in advance? And I was like, sure, I really do not have any plans on that day.

What I was not expecting though is that we would be dining out in a Korean Restaurant, Giwa , which is situated at SM Downtown Premier. I really was not expecting that I would be eating vegetables (that would include some lettuce and uncooked garlic) for the very first time in my life.

Oh well, it was something new for me. Some vegetables are kind of bland but I know I should be investing myself on it since it would be great for my health and for my baby in the future.

A day after, since my birthday fell on the same week with the Father's Day Celebration, I also got to celebrate my birthday on a different day. It was on my Auntie Belen's place.

I got to snuck some Smirnoff inside my bag. Do not worry, I paid these two bottles at 7/11. The funny thing is that I got my dad to pay this for me. What a wonderful week indeed it was for me!











My mom was so silly because I thought that she bought a customized cake with a money that I can pull from it. But to my dismay, what was written then was that I could just claim the money from my father. I felt great though since my father obliged and that my Auntie Belen gave me a fair amount of money too. Finally I have some money that I can use so that I could buy something at the mall. Well, honestly, I just want to go out and see what's in the mall for me.



I miss all of my friends but I am still very thankful that I have these ladies around. They are Kpop fans like I so like during dinner we had been talking a lot of Kpop things while they had been changing albums, photocards, and a lot more.

My brother is just so sweet to give me these things. I love the albums, as much as I love Toblerone and this facial mask from Nature's Republic. My brother sure does know the way to my heart! Such a sweet gesture from him.


I would also like to thank Ma'am Diana (my mom's closest friend) for giving me this huge mug. It was definitely one of my favorites.

I never thought I would be able to celebrate my birthday in a simple manner with just my family, some relatives, and some of my close friends. It was not grand, but I must say it was intimate.

Lots of love,
Johanna Gail

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