5SBD give away in respect of @casweeney and @ogoowinner BIRTHDAY

3년 전


No matter how old you two get, always remember to stay young at heart and always make every year count. Happy Birthday to you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cough cough yeah i think i needed water cause i literally lost the right vocabulary to wish this two wonderful people a very best on this special day of theirs.since this day comes once a year i have choose to give 5SBD in respect of this two,so lets get to work.

Rules of the contest

  1. Up-vote and Resteem this post
  2. Comment with a birthday wish.
  3. the comment with the highest up-vote goes home with the price.
  4. follow @javapoint (optional).


First prize - 3 SBD/STEEM
Second prize - 2 SBD/STEEM
Third prize - 1 SBD/STEEM

THIS CONTEST IS SUPPORTED BY @casweeney and @ogoowinner (the winner will be announce in 7days time.)


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Happy Birthday @casweeney and @ogoowinner... more funds into your account... it is good to know you two because you are both kind and jovial, casweeney never turns me down whenever I needed his help and ogoowinner has been really helpful to me in genesisproject..... Wish you both long life.. Go and prosper....


Nice one bro, goodluck.


I wish them many great years ahead as well. Weydone sir


Nice one. Goodluck


I wish you all the best


@casweeney and @ogoowinner.
Am glad you made it today despite so many hustle and bustle on the sperm navigating the ovum, and there you are, you finally clicked the egg at the right time among millions of other sperm, what a great feat, as you have conquered that so many years ago may you conquer and triumph over all life's challenges and situations ahead.

Happy Birthday to you handsome boys and girls.


Good luck brother.


GOODLUCK @botefarm



Good luck bro

download (1).jpeg

Wow, another birthday is here.
What can I really say?
You look pretty good.
Even with a touch of gray.
So what if you're getting older,
There are worse things to be,
Like a goofy, pimply teenager,
With zero self-esteem.
So what if you got a few wrinkles,
There are worse things to have,
Like a case of the twentysomethings,
And a room at Mom and Dad's.
To me, you're simply wonderful.
Everything about you is just right,
Your eyes are still so blue.
You're still so kind and mellow.
Your smile is just as infectious.
Even though your teeth are yellow.
Yes, this birthday is grand.
Your life's as good as gold.
But you can't fool Mother Nature.
You are still getting old
Happy born day to you @caseweeney and @ogoowinner ..So have a happy birthday,
And let's party all night


Happy birthday upvoted


Happy birthday @caseweeney and @ogoowinner. Have a blast


Happy birthday @caseweeney and @ogoowinner. Many happy returns of the day


Voted! Happy birthday two both of you


Voted..happy birthday

What a great steemitians we have here.

@ogoowinner and @casweeney.
You both are destinied for greatness and i've seen the potential in you .

I just wish you all the best things life got to offer.
And a long life and prosperity.

I know you're special.

Stay alive, do exploits and celebrate a hundred more times.

Happy birthday geniuses @casweeney and @ogoowinner


Happy birthday to you @casweeney and @ogoowinner ,

long life and prosperity. I wish you more of today on earth in good health and wealth. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest because you only get one a year! Laugh lots, always see the glass as half full, and remember to say please and thank you. God bless your new age .


Congratulations to you guys @casweeney and @ogoowinner, I celebrate you guys today being a remarkable day in you lives. Happy Birthday, may God continue to bless and increase you in Jesus'name. This is for you;

Happy birthday, @casweeney and @ogoowinner I pray for God's blessing and Favour upon your life, have a fun filled day.

Happy birthday to you both @casweeney and @ogoowinner
May your future days always bring new hope to you
Although many obstacles facing in front of the eye,
You have to live life to the ladder of success,
Happy always friends,
May you both always in the protection of God

Happy birthday ! May your new age be filled wity laughter, may the cries of yester years becomes the song of accomplishement on your new age. Amen!
@casweenay and @ogowinner

Happy birthday to u all, ages with grace

Happy birthday to you two wonderful steemians. Today is a great day because you both were birthed.As we celebrate with you celebration will never sieze in your lives IJN. May God perfect all that concerns you two.@casweeny cash will never sieze from your account rather there will be an over flow. @ogoowinner winning will always be your portion from age to age. Wishing you guys long life and prosperity.God bless you both. Age gracefully dearies. Thanks @Javapoint for celebrating them because you will always be celebrated.Remember we love you guys.Keep the Steem on.

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awesome post.i like it.

“ Another adventure filled year awaits you. Welcome it by celebrating your birthday with pomp and splendor. Wishing you a very happy and fun-filled birthday!”

HhHappy birthday ! May your new age be filled wity laughter, may the cries of yester years becomes the song of accomplishement on your new age. Amen!
@casweenay and @ogowinner

Happy birthday dear

Happy birthday to them.

Many more happy years ahead