Throwback to my 25th Birthday

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I'm glad I have this picture. She's not my real Grama, but mine both passed away when I was really young, so she was like my Grama. Here's us celebrating my 25th, that's 5 years ago now. I don't eat dairy, eggs, or gluten anymore (which is what most cakes are made of lol), but she always made sure we ate well no matter what our diet restrictions were. I ate well when she was alive; after she passed away and @Drutter and I were homeless or in poverty our health went downhill.

Part of that was because our food constantly getting stolen while having to shop on foot, so our iron and other nutrients got depleted. When we got back on our feet, we had no food storage, no savings, and more than 50% of income going to rent, so there wasn't much of a chance to replenish as we could only afford calories not nutrition.

25th bday.JPG

For the past decade, until our homeless period, we used to always have food storage, just like Grama. But during our time in New Westminster, we just barely replenished our iron and B vitamins. Lesson learned: don't abruptly go vegan without researching nutrition, especially if you're living somewhere you can't cook.

You can imagine how frustrating it was to go through all of that, and then have to replenish again from pregnancy and birth in the fall. Neither us nor our cupboards had been replenished by the time the coronavirus happened. We knew better, we just didn't have the means. But I feel like we're still here thanks to everything she gave us physically and otherwise. You're missed and loved, Grama!

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Thanks for this post. You are 2 of my favourite ladies in the world. Even though you aren't closely related to her, you share some very wonderful personality traits.
It's very interesting seeing her on the blockchain. And thebackground, I know every inch of that place, though we haven't been there in 4 years.
I'm so happy we're vegan, but I wish the transition had been easier. Being stolen from, abused, and then tossed out abruptly for no good reason pretty much ruined us. We stayed true to our beliefs the whole time, even when we had to sleep under a bush a few times.... it's hard to believe what we went through, and in many ways, are still are going through.
The links provided with this post are excellent!
Happy 30 years old. Here's to another 30,000!


Whoa, 30 is crazy! And to think I was scared of turning 20. That was good cake but remember how it gave us the runs? hahahah! Anywayy...tmi for the blockchain. I like seeing her stuff in the background, it feels like we're still we could just go make another cup of tea and grab a snack and go back in the garden or maybe watch the news with her. Thanks, everybody for the support, that was a nice surprise to come back down. This made 4 cents on Steemit but over $30 on hive, wow.

Grama was totally a @GirlsofGreen; she had the greenest thumb of all! I wonder if she ever tried cannabis. Maybe just a little CBD? ;)