Business Intelligence Steemit Weekly Contest Starts Today

5년 전

#bisteemit has been running successfully as both a tag and a community for a number of weeks.  The information and reports coming from members of the BI community are prepared with the highest standards and care.

Now it’s time to start rewarding these awesome authors and analysts and I have the very thing.

Introducing the Business Intelligence Steemit Weekly Contest – Sponsored by Whaleshare

Prizes to the value of 100 Whaleshares are on offer each week.  I have been dying to tell you all that we have received sponsorship!

If you don’t know what a Whaleshare is and how it can be used, watch out for my follow up post where I will explain all.  Cant wait to find out, then check out this posts by @jphenderson

The Contest

It’s rather simple really, when you know how.  Every Monday I will read all of the posts submitted and the best post wins. There are however some criteria. 

  1. The post must use and analyse Steemit data, however it can be mashed up with data from other sources.  
  2. The post must also provide insights as to the past, present or future performance of Steemit, Steemit users or Steemit features.
  3. The post must contain the #bisteemit tag
  4. You must upvote and resteem this post
  5. You must comment below with a link to your post

What makes the best post?

Posts will be scored based on a number of criteria.

  • Level of difficulty.  Some analysis are more difficult than others.  The more difficult the analysis the more points are awarded.
  • Scope of the analysis – Points will be given for detailing the level of scope of the analysis
  • Tools and techniques used – points will be awarded for the level of details given in the post on the tools and techniques used for the analysis
  • Visualisation - points can be LOST if visualisation used in the post are misleading 
  • Actionable insights – Business Intelligence is all about providing actionable insights based on data. You can gain points for including actionable insights.
  • Overall presentation and formatting – there is no point in carrying out an awesome analysis and then messing up on the presentation and formatting of the post.  Take extra care to gain points.
  • Engagement – Engaging readers and curators on Steemit can be a challenge.  Points to the value of the number of comments left on the post will be added to the score

The Winners

The winners will be announced every Monday along with the start of the next contest

Big and Special Thanks

First I would like to thank @akrid at #whaleshares for sponsoring this contest.  Whaleshares runs an awesome community on discord

I would also like to thank @rt395 and #SteemitBC for giving #BISteemit a home on discord.  You can join SteemitBC and BISteemit with this link

Finally I would like to thank @rawbinhutt at Looking for a Niche(LFN).  Rawbin gave me the inspiration to set up this tag and community.  If you are looking to set up a community pop over to LFN also on discord.


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This is great! I'm looking forward to reading everyones research posts.

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thats fab, love it. thank you!

This is exciting! While not an analyst, per se, I have a deep love of this field having had a brush or two with it in my former career.

Bringing together those who ARE trained analysts, and having them compete in the realm of their trade, will be fun for us in reading and reviewing their submissions. Who knows what gems they will unearth from the blockchain and the value it will provide to us mere mortals...

Thanks to you, @paulag, and to everyone at Whaleshares. I am eager to see the posts and to learn more about our platform. Upvoted and I follow. Cheers!


Thats an awesome comment of appreciation . Thanks

This is an interesting and valuable contest. Thanks for spending your time on this @paulag and see you soon - maybe with an entry from @detlev

Hey paulag, great post and it got me thinking. For some time I have been measuring the performance of booster bots. After reading your post I decided to make a comprehensive post about the informatin I have collated. I would like to enter the post into your competition, thanks.


the first entry. awesome and good luck. I will leave some feedback when i am reviewing all the entries

I also would like to try my hand on this. Re-steeming.


fantastic to have you involved

  ·  5년 전

Something like my last post, "Who are your fake followers?" already count as an analyse of steemit data? I made a script to get all followers which never upvoted your content etc.


yes, just like that post.

Wow. Nice I love this and to enter the contest.

Hey @paulag! Thank you very much for your community work, I immensely enjoy this #bisteemit initiative. I hope my latest post satisfies rules of the contest. I'd like to apply if you please:

Wow, that's a big dollop of whaleshares on offer for bisteemians!

I really to start getting more engaged in contests

Hi @paulag , was not available to enter the contest last week. How about one entry for this week? Check out whether makes the cut.

thank you for sharing more on this. much appreciated.