Bit Coin Will Be Back

2년 전

Bit Coin Will Be Back

Its has had a Terrible Year

Its down putting pressure on $6000 mark was above $7500 over last week. In my view this is just short term pain for maybe next three months.

The companies have started to accept Bit Coin for payments

Starbucks will start this in November and it will drive up demand for sure. People will start buying in Bit Coin then other companies will start seeing this and adding to it for a payment option.

The price will not say at $6000 for long I think and then you have the Bit Coin halving only 653 days away

That's just over a year and a half so expect a high price when that happens.

Bit Coin Halving will always rise the price

So hold tight and just watch the price will recover and if you can buy some more

Let Me Know Your Thoughts

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bitcoin rate is very low.

The bitcoines a paradigm however I have a lot of confidence in the crypto world and I never tire of saying it. greetings and my respects my support with my vote.

You are right sir @newmarket65 that Bitcoin will be back very soon. Bitcoin is the real king. We have a great hope on Bitcoin.

BTC prices have been very low unlike the momentum they have had in the first months of the year, I am one of the faithful believers that the currency will recover its value and perhaps even a little more.

Will it ever go to 20K again??


not this year

u are right

Bitcoin is finding its core to come back with more power

Yes, at this moment it's not moving but it's doesn't mean that it will not going to rise up, we are getting some good news so we have to wait and watch.

And yes, many businesses are accepting or planning to accept Bitcoin and it will take time to see the practical results for sure.

And in my opinion in tough times we will going to find thousand reasons to quit but we have to find one reason to move forward.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂