How to explain mining Bitcoin with Bitclub to people.

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Aloha everyone,
Ive been asked by hundreds of people to write down what I say when Im explaining how Bitclub works.

Here is basically what I say when I get asked “What do you do” by someone who doesn’t have Bitcoin yet.

Prospect: So, what do you do?

Me: I mine this magical internet money called Bitcoin. :)

Prospect: Oh yea, Ive heard of that.

Me: Cool! Has anyone taken the time to give you some bitcoin yet?

Prospect: No, not yet.

Me: Its really fast and cool. Way better than dealing with the banks. Would you like some?
(Not many people turn away free money)

Prospect: uhhh sure

Me: Do you have a smart phone?

Prospect: Yes.

Me: Great, what is your phone number or email, Ill text you a link so you can set up a wallet on your phone.
(Send them your coinbase link)

Mine is:

Prospect: Ok

I send them the Coinbase link right then and there and wait for them to set up a bitcoin wallet.

While they are setting up their wallet I explain that Bitcoin can be spent all over the world at places like Expedia, Amazon and Starbucks etc. Its super fast and cheap to use. I tell them they can literally buy anything they want with Bitcoin. I mention that through the coinbase app they can link their bank account to buy and sell bitcoin, just like venmo and PayPal, right through the app. I tell them they can also put their bitcoin on a Visa Debit card and spend Bitcoin everywhere that accepts Visa. I also mention ATMS where you can sell your/buy bitcoin for cash. Bitcoin is digital cash.

Once their wallet is set up, I show them how to pull up their QR code. I scan it with my phone camera and send them $1 in bitcoin.
I then tell them, “That was cool, wasn’t it!?” They agree.

Me: You could have posted your QR code, (Bitcoin Wallet address) to your Facebook wall and I could have scanned it in the middle of nowhere Cambodia and sent you money, instantly! Just like that! You know how long it takes send send a wire from Hong Kong to California? It takes like 3 days and the bank charges you a $45 wiring fee. In that same amount of time, I could send like 10,000 bitcoin transactions to people all over the world for much cheaper!

Prospect: Wow, thats pretty amazing. How did you get into it?

I then tell them my story.
(We are professional story tellers. If you dont have a story, get one asap!)

“Well, my buddy told me about Bitcoin a couple years ago. I didn’t really understand what it was or what made it valuable. He kept pestering me telling me that I needed to get some Bitcoin. So, to get him to leave me alone, I gave him $200. He gave me back 250 bitcoins. This what when Bitcoin was .85 cents a bitcoin. It was a really new invention that no one really understood.
Anyways, after I finally bought some Bitcoin, he left me alone and I didn’t think about it for a year or so. It just sat there in my wallet.
Then one day I was scrolling through my Facebook wall and a Bitcoin video popped up. I clicked on it and had a watch. By the end of the video I was like, Wow, Bitcoin is a pretty amazing invention!! My friend explained it to me totally wrong! I remembered I did have some bitcoin on my phone, so I logged into my wallet and my 250 bitcoins was now worth over $40,000!! I was like! OMG, how did my $200 turn into $40,000?? What the heck is Bitcoin???? If my buddy would have showed me that video, I would have bought $2000 worth of Bitcoin instead of only $200 worth!!

So I went back to youtube and literally watched all the videos I could find about Bitcoin all day long!
I got super excited and started telling everyone about it. You see, there will only ever be 21,000,000 Bitcoins. So its scarce.
Think about it, there are a billion people in China, what if they all want a bitcoin? But then there is another billion people in India. What if they all want one too? Supply and demand. Its a deflationary currency so it will sky rocket in value! And it has!
I watched Bitcoin go from $1 for a Bitcoin to $10 a bitcoin. Then to $100 a bitcoin to $500 now its up over $3000 for a Bitcoin. My 250 Bitcoins is now worth over $850,000!! Its been incredible!! Imagine turning $200 into $850,000!
(as of this writing Bitcoin is $3400)

Prospect: Wow!!

All these Hedge fund VC guys and Billionaires like Bill Gates and Richard Branson are investing literally Billions of dollars into Bitcoin/Blockchain tech. They are predicting that Bitcoin will go from $3000 to over $10,000 in the next couple years!

Prospect. Wow, but why? What makes it so valuable?

Me: Well, you know how no one sends letters any more, we all send emails now. And no one sends Dvds in the mail to their friends to watch, everyone just goes on Netflix or youtube. And you know how everyone just downloads their music now right? Well, thats all find and dandy but we still haven’t figured out a way to send an asset, something of value, across the internet, without going through a trusted 3rd party. Until Bitcoin! Thats whats so revolutionary about it!

Whats really cool about a Bitcoin is that it can be broken into 100,000,000 bits. They call each bit a Satoshi. (The creator of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamato)
Each bit of a bitcoin is programable. It can represent a car, or title to property, a vote in an election, a shipping container, diamonds, gold or a barrel of oil etc. Anything of value can now be digitized, tokenized and then put up on this digital distributed public ledger called the “blockchain” and the title to its ownership can be transferred across the world, safely and securely, peer to peer. The transaction and title of ownership of the asset is encrypted and stored on the “Blockchain” which is transparently backed up in the cloud everywhere around the world! Its amazing! They are calling it “The Internet of Things”
The blockchain is what backs Bitcoin and makes it so valuable. This is going to be even bigger than the internet!

And that is just scratching the surface! Did you know that there are 5 Billion people out there who dont even have bank accounts? These poor people are getting so screwed by western union and money gram trying to move money around!
The reason we have all this poverty in the 3rd world is because the banks have literally blocked their countries from doing business with people in the 1st world! Bitcoin changes all of that. These people can set up a Bitcoin wallet in 2 mins and instantly start conducting business with people on the other side of the world! It makes the world borderless!

So now that you have your wallet on Coinbase, you can position yourself to make a lot of money AND Coinbase will give you $10 worth of free bitcoin for your first buy. I highly recommend buying some. And, if you would like to really profit from this information Im sharing with you, I can teach you about mining Bitcoin too!

Prospect: Well what is Bitcoin mining then, how does that work?”

So, I give them a comparison to something they already understand.

Me: Well there are 3 ways you can get bitcoin. You can buy it or you can sell something for it or you can mine it. When we mine it, we get Bitcoin at its source…

“You know how VISA has these huge data centers with computer servers in them that process billions of dollars a day in transactions? I mean, millions of people around the world use Visa cards to buy stuff, and every time that card swipes, Visa gets a 3% rake off the top, so they are making like $100,000,000 a day or something crazy! Thats an amazing business right?

The prospect says yes.

I then say, “Well, we are copying visa, but doing it with Bitcoin…
We have a big data center too, in Iceland with lots of servers in it. We track all the bitcoin transactions around the world and secure the blockchain. Whenever any transaction takes place on the blockchain we get paid. Imagine making a dollar for every piece of real estate that is bought or sold, for every shipping container that moves from port to port or for every barrel of oil that is consumed! Whenever anything that happens on the blockchain anywhere in the world, we get paid! Its like we get to over ride the entire global economy because all those transactions were recorded on our servers in our data center.

Here is a sneak peak of our Bitcoin transaction processing data center.

Now, Visa only gets paid on Visa transactions. They dont get paid when someone uses AMEX or Master card and they definitely dont get paid when shipping containers, barrels of oil or pieces of real-estate get bought or sold!

So our data center makes us a lot of money every day too, as you can imagine. In fact, Bitclub has mined over $200,000,000 in Bitcoin in the first 3 years alone!
We call it “mining bitcoin” kinda like how people mine gold and silver. But we do it with computer equipment. We get Bitcoin from its source. Its how Bitcoin enters the economy. Right now, $5m a day worth of Bitcoin is mined globally! Everyday!

So what happens is that at the end of each day, we take all the money, all the Bitcoin that the data center generated for us and we PAY IT OUT as a “daily dividend” to our investors who buy shares in our mining pool. We aren’t selling shares of stock or a security, we are actually selling Bitcoin mining hardware. Computer equipment. But instead of our customers taking delivery of their equipment, we send it up to Iceland and plug it in with the rest of our mining hardware to create a super computer
So we are basically crowd funding our data center, and helping all our friends make a lot of money with us. Right now our data center is generating us around $250,000 a day!!

Globally, It took 8 years for the crypto market cap to go from $0 to $20 Billion dollars.
In the last 8 weeks its gone from $20B to $100B!! Thats a growth rate of $10B a week for 8 weeks straight!! Its really taking off and a lot of people are getting very wealthy.

Prospect: Wow, thats really cool! So, how can I start making money too?

Well, we sell shares in our mining pool for $500 a share. You can buy as many as you’d like. We have been averaging around 3-5% a month ROI which is great! If you leave your money in the bank for a year, you are lucky to get 5% a YEAR on it! So this is a much smarter place to put your money!

Prospect: Tell me about it! The banks totally suck. So what should I do?

I look at it like this. We have 2 choices.
If you were to take lets say, $1000 cash, or an ounce of gold or silver or you bought a bitcoin and then you put it in your safe and came back 5 years later, you would still only have that one bitcoin or that ounce of silver or gold, collecting dust. Its just sitting there not doing anything.

Kind of like how you could take $50,000 and go buy a new car. You could go down and buy the car cash and boom, you have the car. OR you could take that same $50k and invest it into an asset where it generates cash flow, which then covers the monthly car payment. 3 years later the car is paid off, yet you STILL have that asset generating you cashflow that you can use to go buy jets skis or a motor boat or whatever.

In the same way, you can go and just buy a bitcoin and have it just sit there in your wallet OR you can buy Bitcoin Mining hardware, shares in our Mining pool, an asset, which will then generate an endless supply of Bitcoin… so 5 years later you have 2 or 3 bitcoin. Its grows, ya know?! I think its way smarter to buy an asset that generates cash flow, dont you?

Remember the story of the goose that laid a golden egg?
Bitcoin is the golden egg.
Bitclub is the goose that lays golden eggs.

Prospect: Yes, that makes sense.

Me: So thats what I show people how to do.

Prospect: Awesome. I want to start mining bitcoin too!

Me: Great, how much would you like to invest?

Prospect: Im not sure. Maybe, I dont know, $1000?

Me: Cool. So lets say you invest $1000. That would buy you 2 shares in the Bitcoin mining pool or 1 share in the GPU mining pool. GPU are the Graffix cards. Those are the chips that mine some other crypto currencies like Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, Monero, ETC. Those are becoming pretty popular as well so we decided that we would also mine those.

Whats cool is that you can set it in the back office to compound your investment. You can do like a 50/50 split, or a 60/40 split or a 70/30 so your investment can automatically grow for you without you having to think about it.

Now its hard to predict exactly what your rate of return, your ROI will be because the price and difficulty of mining bitcoin changes every day.
We know that the more businesses that accept bitcoin and the more people who start using bitcoin, the more valuable it becomes but its hard to read the future.
So lets just say, too keep the math easy, that each share in the pool is generating you $2 a day per share. (we get paid in Bitcoin, not dollars)
So, Lets say that $1000 (2 shares in the pool) makes you $4 a day worth of Bitcoin.
Now, lets say that you do a 50/50 split. Meaning you take $2 a day out and you reinvest the other $2 a day back into buying yourself a 3rd share. If you’re reinvesting $2 a day, every day, automatically, it will take you 250 days to get yourself a 3rd share right?
Then those 3 shares work together to buy you a 4th share and then those 4 shares work together to buy you a 5th share. So its compounding.
Meanwhile, you are still pulling out $2 a day, so you eventually get your initial investment back, and now you are playing with the houses money.
Compounding interest is the 8th wonder of the world.

Does that make sense?

Prospect: Can I just buy some Bitcoin mining equipment off of the internet and mine bitcoin on my own?

Me: Yes, you could…. But if you are doing it to make money, it would be very hard for you to compete with a big data center like ours. Think about any other product in the world. Snickers candy bars or cans of coke. For instance, if you go down to the gas station and buy a can of coke, you’re going to pay lets say $1.
However, if you go down to the grocery store and buy a 6 pack. You’re going to get them for .75 cents each.
If you go to Cosco and buy it by the case, you are going to get an even better discount. Each can you buy there will be around .50 cents each.
And, if you go straight to coke and buy it by the pallet, you’re going to get each can for like .15 cents each! But you have to buy like 25,000 cans! So you get a volume discount when you buy in bulk, you know?

So, lets say you decide to go buy a $1000 Bitcoin mining hardware unit online so you can figure out how to mine on your own. Well we are going to be able to buy that same unit for $400 because we buy it in bulk! So we get lets say a 60% discount because we buy tens of millions of dollars worth of equipment at a time.
Then there is the electricity cost…

Lets say you live in California. Well, most folks there are paying around .40 cents per kWh for electricity. Because our data center is in Iceland, we only pay .06 cents per kwh. Plus its cold in Iceland, so we dont have to spend a lot of money on electricity to run the air-conditioning units… because its Iceland, its already cold!

So, the point is, that by mining with us, you will be able to piggy back on our cheap electricity and bulk buying power, which will make you more money than if you tried to figure out mining on your own in your basement. Make sense?

And, because we get our equipment at a 60% discount, we can use some of the savings to create a compensation plan and pay you to go out and tell your friends about Bitcoin and help us crowd fund our data center, if you want.

Of course, there is no need to go tell anyone for you to make money if you dont want to because we are buying machines that print money. But, if you did have a friend or two who would like to make a great return on their money, positioning themselves in front of this massive blockchain trend, we would pay you for the referral. Once you start seeing your daily dividends in Bitcoin coming in, its only natural to want to share the opportunity with everyone you know love and care about.

For instance, if you shared Bitclub with your buddy (John) and he decided he wanted to buy $1000 worth of mining equipment from Bitclub too, we would pay you a 5% commission or $50 for referring him.

Lets say that John decided to do the same 50/50 split and was reinvesting $2 a day back into buying another share in the mine, just like you. Then you would get paid 10% of the daily reinvestment. So, you’d make .20 cents a day. Its not a lot but its something. Especially if you invite people who decide to throw in $10k, $50k or $100k into the pool. It can really add up!

It can get pretty exciting when you think about it. Who wouldn’t want to buy machines that print money?! Bitclub, has mined over $200,000,000 worth of Bitcoin that has been paid out to our members already! We are paying over 300,000 members daily in over 90 countries around the world! This is a business, a movement really, that you can take with you around the world if you are like me and like to travel! Everywhere you go you can make money if you want!
Of course, you can keep it a secret and not tell anyone too. Its up to you!

Prospect: Great, Im in! I think Id like to start with a $10,000 investment.

Me: Very cool. So first you need to join Bitclub, its $99 to join.
Instead of investing all $10k on one membership what I recommend you do is get a Founders spot which is $3500. Then what I would do is get 2 other Founder spots below yourself, maybe sign up your wife/husband or something. That way, the 5% referral commission will flow back up to you. You basically get $350 back for referring yourself. Its smarter that way I think. Make sense?

Another perk for being a Founder is, Bitclub has a merchant acquisition program that is coming out called CoinPay. That will allow all of our members from around the world to go and sign up their local businesses, their gas station, grocery store or hotel down the street, to become merchants and accept Bitcoin. Instead of charging the business 3% like Visa and MasterCard do… We will only charge them 1% on all their transactions. Those transaction fees will go into a pool and be divided out amongst the coin pay share holders.
By becoming a founder, Bitclub will give you Coinpay shares for free!

Eventually, after we have hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world accepting Bitcoin, those fees really will start to add up. One day, we may take Coinpay public or get acquired by a company like Visa for a couple billion dollars!
If that happens, those who have Coinpay shares, will be sitting pretty!

So if you bought 3 founder spots, which is 21 mining shares, (plus the free coin pay shares) that would be $10,800. Can you swing the extra $800?

Prospect: Sure.

Me: Great! Lets get you some Bitcoin and get you mining with us!

Hope the script helps you share the Bitclub story more effectively. Its truly been a blessing for thousands of families around the world!

Here is a zoom call I just did that you may find interesting.

Please get back with the person who told you about Bitclub and join through their link.

If you found this article on your own and you would like to join my Bitclub team, my site is

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I have been with Bitclub cloud mining Bitcoin since June 2014. It was one of my best decisions ever. Now we have many mining pools with Bitclub! Resteemed


I know that the price of Bitcoin as well as the complexity of the hash varies, but how many months did it take you to see a return on investment?


If it was just mining it took about a year. I signed some people up so I recouped everything in about 3 months. Now it is smooth sailing. I do keep buying new pools.

I'm watching your interview on Anarchast. I decided to look you up on Steemit and give you a follow. The future is exciting.

Joby - I hope you do a quick video showing your two cards... just a powerful reality check for a lot that really don't get the power of what holding Bitcoin means.

You're an awesome dude that is traveling the world to promote Bitcoin... as well as true freedom!

If you don't know about Joby, please check out the following interview (one of many online)

Can't wait for more posts and welcome to Steemland!

Cool to see you on Steemit and look forward to you sharing some of your travels that you often post on that other social media platform that doesn't share the love like the Steemit world does.

It was about time! I kept wondering how long would you take to write something here :)
Don't bother try to recognize me, I'm just a fan and a new bitclub member. Jayson recruited me a while ago but stupidly I've been postponing until recently. Keep up the good work!


Thanks bro! Excited to work with ya!

Awesome am one of your favourite guy eventhough you do not know me haha. I follow you on Youtube and foloing you here net target is to save some money here and join bitclub mining ASAP . Welcome to steemit and do not forget to be active here. It pays a lot, great deal. Let us stay in touch

Hey Joby Weeks Im very grateful for us having the opportunity to mine bitcoin and still early to make alot of money here. And if you can send some bitcoin to my wallet I would be honored BTC address 1BWdztVTnULJrUwzmaDodoFzPL5u61119J

Awesome write-up Joby!

Amazing amazing amazing explanation! I'm not on Bitclub but it's a really good explanation regarding Bitcoin and mining!

Great story Joby! ..and I love your technique of sharing the program. Very natural and exciting. Welcome to Steemit, I look forward to seeing your next posts.

Joby, I just watched your interview on Anarchast. It was a very entertaining interview. Glad to see you are on Steemit.

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I saw your interview with Jeff and wanted to join. However I am a US citizen. Is there any way I can still participate??

Thanks so much for the post Joby!
Cant wait to party in Aca with you again, Mad Man!

Hello Joby,
Long time no hear bro?

I signed up three days ago as username: healthiswealth

I have not received a email confirmation and payment option.

I have two $3500 spots that friends want asap.

Please let me know when and how to pay you guys.

Thanks bro, see you in Aca.


thanks for the info, well done

BitClub was the catalyst for my interest in Bitcoin and all things Crypto. Best and most exciting move of my life.