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Is crypto here to stay? According to crypto fund manager, David Drake of LDJ Capital, it is! He has this to say:

It’s here to stay and it’s a permanent force that’s going to be a 10 trillion dollar market.

In this great interview, he answers some of the question a lot are asking:

  • Where do you see the crypto industry in 2-5 years?
  • Besides Bitcoin, what cryptocurrencies would you recommend to your clients?
  • Is this the end of China being a dominant player in crypto?

Find the full interview here:

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I got in on Crypto in November and December and I've manage to rack up $500 or so to invest and now this is happening. It kind of worries me but at the same time I am hoping that it corrects itself. I'm currently reading up on fibonacci and other stock market terms and charts so that I can make the best decisions possible.

I am hoping the Crypto industry is still around in 5+ years because I honestly believe it puts the banks in fear. That is why they have been declining credit card payments buying bitcoin and ethereum recently. Bank of America and JP Morgan are trying to fight it I think. That also worried me at first.

I would personally go with TRX, Neo (If you can afford it) And EOS. TRX is my main though because it is the cheapest out of it all.

I hope China wises up and repeals their ban on Crypto. The big boys in China that actually like Crypto should speak up about it. Although being China, their government doesn't work like my country but I am still worried about my Country trying to ban this stuff since all they want for their citizens is to be workers. They prefer workers and yes men.

Good article. Great news. Thumbs up.


Thanks for the kind words and all the best with your investments! Rest assured, cryptocurrency is gonna be around for a while 😎