Does The Patient Dog Always Eat The Fattest Bone?? The Virtue Of Strategic Patience.


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This Aphorism Cuts Across Cultures And Nations! But Should It Be Taken Literarily?? Can You Immagine Training Two Dogs Who Are Always Beside Your Dining Sets At Dinners; One Always Howling At The Sight Of Small Bones Chipped From Chicken Drumsticks?? Yes The Howling Dog Will Always Have The Chippings Rather Than The Entire Left Over Bone, Usually Bigger As The Meal Ends. No Doubt , The Bigger Bone Would Be Thrown At The Patient Dog Because The Former Has Had Her's Due To The Impatce At The Beginning!!

Thus , The Statement Holds Literally!

As Simple And Puerile As The Foregoing Analogy, The Analogy Holds More In True Human Relationship.

All Social Interactions And Relationship Are Reward Driven. These Rewards , Most Often , Are Not Automatic. There Are Different Time Spans For Consideratiosns , Investigations And Decisions Before Any Reward Is Effected. Within These Periods Any Unholy Prompting By Any Would Deny Him Of It As It's Intent Would Be Questionable, Even As It Would Be Frowned At As Uncouth!!

Thus In Human Relationships, It Is Required That Partakers Should Be Diplomatically Patient AsThey Strive For Their Rewards.

But How Long Should This Be? No Hard And Fast Rules Apply Here . Diplomacy , Toactical and Creative Thinking Is Paramount. It Could Be Minutes; It Could Be Days!! Yes; It Could Be Years As It Could Be Decades. Nevertheless, THE PATIENT DOG MUST EAT THE BIGGEST BONE!!

So Strive To Be Diplomatically Patient In All Dealings.

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