How you explain what is cryptocurrencies to your parents?

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I know many of you tried and explained to your parents about Bitcoin,steem and other cryptocurrencies.
Here i will show you how i did it and i hope you will write in comments your experience.

First of all i explained that Blockchain is Big database where all transactions stored and there cant be replacement and all sending of money is final, like - if you send 1 btc , then u sent it! nobody can cancel it or return . ( thats why i dont like EOS arbitrage thing that they can cancel transaction) .

Second point - Bitcoin is not a company , but a computer program that stored in every user of bitcoin , so Police or gangsters cant shutdown bitcoin and its MOST IMPORTANT step for decentralization.

3rd that Bitcoin is limited edition and because of that the more people know about this asset and use it, the more price of it will be in future, its like Collection thing, in the world only 21 million of bitcoins and there cant be more than that, thats why its very important to grab that opportunity.

Also i explained how it worked,stored, how to buy and so on, but the most important thing is limited edition,decentralization and Database where nobody can reverse transaction. Its hard to gain support from family without explanation.

So how did you explain bitcoin/crypto to your parents,friends?

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Cryptocurrency is the future indeed. Facebook is even planning on joining the crypto space. I do believe it will achieve mass adoption over time. People are still unfamiliar with how blockchain works or what a Bitcoin is. They may have heard it on the news but they aren't sure how to utilize it. Great post.


@fredm74 welcome to steemit friend, hope you enjoy it here

I try to explain it in a concept of what they already understand. So i go for a bank transfer, apart from i explain what makes it different and better i.e. Faster, safer, cheaper. Once they get that concept I explain what a wallet is and then blockchain technology.

I think to get people interested is to mention something they already have a grasp of and then interest them with why it's better.

I love Bitcoin as a currency, I love it as a way to make money, but as much as I love them, I don't want to sleep with them in my mind

If they are computer literate, you may have a chance. Even that, it could be an uphill battle for you.


@karimhaiek then try to explain it to your parents lol

I said to my father; hey dad this is a private unlimited and independent money resource. It's completely secure and trustworthy

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I would suggest to them that read this article so that they will have a little knowledge about cryptocurrency.

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Una manera muy sencilla pero instructiva de explicar el fincionamiento y expectativas de las criptomonedas.

Simple, i will just say that this is the future currency hopefully lol

Next challenge is trying to explain to them how you spend it, save it or what you do when you don't have a computer or device to access it from. That becomes a significant barrier I believe for older generations in accepting it's legitimacy

These are good concepts. I also like to explain how it is open every hour, every day. You can transfer money internationally for only a few pennies, and it arrives in minutes.

Simpleee.. I told my parents bitcoin is magic!

Very interesting post. I love Bitcoin. Thanks for this post.

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Amigos inteligentes, yo le dije a mi madre que era una moneda virtual la cuál tenia un valor según la demanda de la gente. Le expliqué que Bitcoin no le pertenece a nadie sino que es como un programa el cual se controla solo y es inviolable. Y que las ventajas es que podemos hacer cualquier transacción a cualquier parte del mundo sin intermediarios y que eso reduciría el precio o costo de envío. Ella me preguntó ¿Pero como yo hago para comprar en Bitcoin? Le dije que es depende del interés del vendedor, le puedes decir a vendedor que si acepta Bitcoin y si lo acepta le paga la cantidad que te pida. Claro es algo totalmente desconocido y digerirlo de una sola vez es un poco difícil. El concepto del dinero que ellos conocen es un poco distinto y por eso les cuesta. Pero solo le digo que sea de mente habierta y que las criptomonedas vinieron para hacer mejores y más fácil nuestras vidas.