4 tips for investing in digital currencies: what you should warn in 2018

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Disclaimer: This article presents the views of Alexander Porodich, Executive Director of Universa.io and the Investor Investigator and Contributor to Forbes, who holds a PhD in Mathematics and Electronics.

1- Market expectations

At present, there is an increasing fuss about the valuation of the price of Betcairn. The economic theorists say that this phenomenon is unmatched between the rest of the previous phenomena. Certainly, Pitcairn was hit by some setbacks such as the IT bubble in 2000. This is confirmed by the consensus of all market experts, who fell in the grip of expectations of a catastrophic inevitable threat to the global financial system. However, players in the sector still see the reality without being influenced by the noise around it. Thanks to the market capitalization of the major digital currencies, this sector has become a new category of investment for the new generation. But on the other hand, it is important to pay attention to security.

Data security is one of the most serious digital currency problems. In recent years, we have seen piracy attacks on digital platforms, resulting in the loss of multi-million dollar digital assets. Users who have kept their digital currency on these platforms have lost almost everything. Therefore, there are no precautions when making purchases, selling and storing your currency.

We recommend that you use a non-Internet cold purses that allow you to control your own keys. It also gives you safe access to digital coins in the blockage. Therefore, the best way to store keys in a safe place is to store them on a wallet that is not connected to the Internet. As markets and technologies are unstable and still unreliable. But it is - in one way or another - a great opportunity for all who are interested in investing.

2- Development of plocin technologies

It allows the use of technology to develop entirely new business models. This method has changed the method of increasing the value of startups. A large number of platforms have recognized companies to create independent applications of the blockbuster quickly and freely. On the other hand, it is important to bear in mind the following: technical difficulties.

When it comes to investing in digital currencies, it is hard to understand that the story of digital currencies is actually fully digital. Since they are electronic assets, often experiencing technical difficulties. With a high level of congestion on platforms, buying and selling operations are very slow. In a time of network congestion, the functions of lending and withdrawing money for some currencies often become unavailable. If this happens when you need to sell or transfer money, you will be completely at the mercy of one platform or another.

3- Open the way to digital currencies

Digital currencies may be an investment opportunity for investors. Traditionally, the monopoly of investment in the world's best technology talent goes back to venture capitalists and private investors. Digital currencies have become a gateway to the world of investment, opening the way for all those interested in investing in advanced technologies in the world.

On the other hand, you can consider the following: Teams that do not have experience.

Every digital currency in its infancy is an emerging company, creating a product to solve a particular problem. Digital currencies are also a relatively new phenomenon. There are many teams that do not have experience in this field, and only a few people are well versed on this subject. Like any emerging company, and in the absence of a sound project risk management system, the entire project may end in failure, although most projects provide information about the team.

4- Participation in the blockchain community

The day-to-day communication across groups on the Telegram application is common among the groups of the society organized by the investors in the Biloxin. Large investments in start-up technology companies can also be synchronized within minutes, while this process takes months in a traditional project. It also gives the Balucchin community a strong sense of purpose for all participants, as they combine the task of promoting the technology of the Biloxin and make it truly global. On the other hand, it is necessary to beware of the following: Crazy society.

And this is the truth. For example, the Coinbase, by court decision, transferred 13,000 users to the US Internal Revenue Service to audit tax. Legislators have already begun cracking down on regular periods, and many digital currency traders have shown signs of fear. Where they believe that the government spies spies all day and night in our lives to monitor the movement of funds.

The blockbuster phenomenon has provided fuel to fuel endless discussions on sites such as CNBC and CNN. All the techniques of pluchein are surrounded by conspiracy theories. This is partly because the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of the Pitcairn, remains unclear.

If you want to invest in an emerging company, your money will stay there for years. You have to stay in one place until someone or the company buys your share, otherwise the owner of the company goes public. So investing in digital currencies is quite different, as your investments are relatively liquid. Digital currencies allow you to buy and sell instantly. The digital currency platforms operate 24 hours a day without interruption. Instant buying and selling allows you to respond quickly to market fluctuations. More importantly, however, you need to estimate the risks already mentioned by Biotrin Vitalek before investing in digital currencies. Everything may drop to almost zero at any time. So do research and never invest more than you bear losing.

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