Google inserts the etherium, thelight coin, and the smart cash into its currency converter

3년 전

Google's search engine giant Google has included both Atheerium, Alleight Coin, and Cash in its own currency converter. Thanks to this step, you can now know the value of the currencies against other currencies.

Google is the world's most popular search engine in many huge projects to develop this digital space as a whole. Some of the new innovations and projects implemented by the company include:

"Cirq Project" to make Quantum computers more useful, by solving complex problems better than classic computers.
"Data Transfer Project", where Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Twitter met together to provide many secure online services. The only company missing here is Apple to complete the group.
Cash, Light Quinn and Atrium are included in their currencies in accordance with most currencies.
The new insertion of digital currency into the Google currency converter
Back in 2014, Google introduced its own currency converter into its currency converter, along with a range of traditional strong currencies. However, the anthrax cash, etherium and salt quine have recently been added to join

Google users can now easily calculate their digital currency values listed in the Google currency converter. The currency converter automatically appears when you search for both the Lite Queen and the Betkin Cash. As for etherium, it is a bit different.

To find the ether currency converter separately, you must enter the currency converter in your web browser, then choose the Ether currency from the list.

Final Thoughts
For digital currency advocates, this is a validation of the completion of this project. However, it sounds a bit darker, as Google's attitude toward digital currency ads has been. Google's disclaimer indicates that the price of digital currencies listed in the search results may not reflect real value in real time. This smart move by the company to insert digital currency into its currency converter gives the same gesture Microsoft made in its Bing search engine in February.

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