How did the first quarter affect the ripple?

3년 전

So far this year has been a test for Ripple. The company has been putting a lot of emphasis on the issue of winning more partners. These partnerships aim to introduce the "XRP" currency into daily transactions, but are still in the testing phase at the moment.

Although the overall situation was not necessarily bad for Ripel this year, there were some things to celebrate. In terms of volume, this quarter was in fact the most successful for the RIBL, "XRP", mobile worth $ 160 billion in this quarter alone. This increase is due to the inclusion of the digital currency on many trading platforms. It is now listed on 60 digital currency trading platforms around the world, meaning investors from all over the world can easily invest in it. Experts also predicted that this will continue to widen during the year.

In the first quarter, we also saw the release of 3 billion "XRP" of the escrow accounts, but 2.7 billion of them were put back into new deposit accounts, leaving 300 million tablets to be added to the market. The ripple was expected to launch more currencies this year, but it does so in a reasonable way, and only when the market is in desperate need. One expert advised investors to use this quiet time, when prices are stable, to achieve what they really want to achieve from investment in the ripple.

Instead of looking at lower prices and seeing them as negative, we should think that this prepares us for the future. With the new partnerships that have been formed, things seem to be going on and on for Ripel. Senior partners are testing their new systems that allow individuals to move funds across borders more easily. But banks are not always the solution, since they take their share of what you are trying to send, so the reebles and their like may be a real solution. X Via is a very smooth and cost effective system, making it the best option to take transactions.

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