Point of view: We are at the end of the downward trend of the digital currencies!

3년 전

Since the beginning of 2018 the price of Bitcoin has been one of the most discussed topics within the ecological digital currency system. The reason is obvious given that there has been a big drop in prices and downward pressure that has beaten many people's expectations.

Flow of digital currency speculators
In addition to the core technology behind the initial ICOs that broke out at the end of 2017, the steady rise in prices of Betcairn and other digital currencies has attracted huge amounts of new funds. Most of the money came from speculative investors who entered the digital world first in the belief that the promise of a higher rate of exchange in the short term. Unfortunately, for this class of investors, the collapse of prices by 60% of the highest rise of the peptone at all means that they either recouped their investments at a loss, or "keep their currencies" in the hope that prices will rise.

Whatever the individual perceptions, the situation has certainly had a major impact on the ecosystem. While most newcomers are still confused and panic-stricken for fear of what the digital currency market might become, the more experienced players seem unconcerned about the whole thing.

Normal market behavior
Realizing that the year 2017 was undoubtedly a period of strong progress for the developers, and unprecedented excitement and wealth in the space of digital currency, the founder of "Netcoins", Michael Vogel, noted that the current developments are normal for digital currency space. "On the basis of the percentage, the industry has seen similar corrections throughout the history of the Pitcairn," Vogel said. The most significant of these periods were the periods of November in 2013, until May, June and September 2017, all of which underwent major corrections. With this in mind, Vogel notes that Betcquin is still up 800% in the past 12 months, so traders should not be faceless!

"For the most part, I do not think the final correction is anything different from the corrections that were made in previous years," Fogel said. "These corrections are about how to prove that the Bitcoin is a truly sustainable asset category.

In all of this, Vogel remains positive that 2018 will continue to see many of the valuable applications that have been created that use Bitcoin as its backbone, and will continue to build products and put the Bitcoin on the path it was established to achieve success in the future.

Digital currency prices remain a major dilemma
Alexander Lebanov, managing partner and board member of USP Capital Ltd and VanHealthing Crypto Fund of Biotech Innovations, confirms that the price of Betcuene - along with other leading digital currencies - remains a major dilemma. Libanov points out that even the fate of etherium offers the digital currency community a good source of concern.

"The negative sentiment expressed by the digital currency community and start-up traders shows that the market is actually overburdened by the downward trend," he told CCN. In this context, said Lipanov:
"I share the view that, after a period of sharp rise, an objective consolidation process is taking place." "At the same time, regulatory authorities have been active and have added negative feelings to the market"

As a contribution to the difficulties of digital currencies, many players in the digital currency market have begun to pay a lot of paper currency liabilities, including tax obligations. These developments have led to a significant reduction in new cash flows, with the expected rapid and massive profits. In the past four months, one could make profits because of normal, active and emotion-free trading. During this time, digital traders had to keep their fingers on the trigger and all their feelings under control.

Labyanov also noted that the "fatigue" of the market, as well as regulators' attention to the digital currency markets, also affected the market for initial currency support operations (ICOs). However, there is nothing eternal, there is no sustained growth in 100% profit and there is no lasting period of decline and stagnation.

"I am confident that we are at the end of the next cycle of correction and stagnation. The new spring is blooming. For now, one can see extraordinary growth of digital currencies, which has not yet become a trend. I think this is the beginning of a new growth cycle. "

Market operations "ICOs" are irreversibly changing
For the ICO market, LeBanov believes that the situation is changing - irreversibly - to the development of more professional and comprehensive projects, especially with regard to their assessments by the digital currency community as well as by regulators. Lipanov also noted that the noise of collecting these operations for funds without foundation and materials for the projects has passed, and we will see them in a more "reliable" form in the near future.

Innovations have not been exhausted in the field of plocchin yet. We finally got the Lightning network. There are a lot of products and solutions that will be provided and adopted on their own. Large companies, such as IBM, have begun to invest in the plucchin. The etherium platform has undergone major changes, such as shifting to evidence by quota and expanding the network, as well as exploring ways to recover stolen or frozen assets. The Waves team also intends to introduce some significant changes to the platform's operating mechanism, such as the innovative consensus algorithm, smart contract service, the Lite-Client interface and many more.

Thus, it is expected that these technological innovations that are constantly emerging will boost the positive momentum of the entire market in the near future.

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