Ronaldinho is creating a digital currency project to promote the virtual football world

3년 전

Ronaldinho, famous for his legendary football skills, has announced his own digital currency. The new Barcelona project aims to create a football academy, host amateur and international league matches, create and operate an online betting platform and even try to develop digital virtual reality courts that will help analyze the skills of football players.

The currency of this project, the Ronaldinho Soccer Coin (RSC), is based on the New Coin Blochen platform, and has also partnered with World Soccer Coin, a relatively new company based in Malta.

At the time of writing, the currency is limited, currently amounting to 350 million. The first 150 million will be sold in a private sale within the next few days, with the remaining 200 million being released in an unknown sale in the future. Customers can also use these currencies for a variety of purposes, including access to digital stadiums and E-Sports. The digital stadiums will be developed in about 300 locations worldwide and will operate in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East within the next three years.

Digital currency can also be used to purchase content within virtual reality and on enhanced reality platforms, as well as used for gambling and online purchase of goods. As Ronaldinho's popularity is so great in the middle of the round world, his pilot project is likely to become as famous as his own. The combination of gaming technologies and virtual reality with a digital currency is a favorite among fans. As well as that the project is growing significantly over the next few years, which means that fans are likely to achieve excellent returns through their initial investments.

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