Steve Wozniak: Ethereum can serve as an "Apple" company in the future!

3년 전

Has enabled the plutonium-Ethereum platform to serve as the next Apple company, according to one of the founders of the famous technology company this week.

According to Forbes, Steve Wozniak made this bullish bullish prediction for 5,000 people at the WeAreDevelopers conference held this week in Vienna. Wozniak said:

"It's interesting because it can do a lot of things and it's also a platform," he said. "It can prove to be just as influential as Apple in the long run.

At present, Apple has a market value of $ 921 billion, which makes it almost two and a half times the value of the entire digital currency market, while the market value of Ethereum is below $ 68 billion.

As CCN said, Wozniak has long been a fan of Bitcoin and other premium currencies. In the past he praised the currency of the Bitcoin in particular for its usefulness as a store of value. As Wozniak pointed out at the Money 20/20 conference held last October:

"There are limited amounts of Bitcoin that can be found." This makes them "more authentic and realistic" than the dollar, which is "a kind of fabrication" in the light that it is usually manipulated for political purposes "

Wozniak also said that the Bitcoin had a preference even for gold, explaining:

"Gold is subject to many mining operations. There may be a limited amount of gold in the world, but Bitcoin is more arithmetic and more organized, and no one can change the mathematical issues "

Despite the bullish outlook, Wozniak explained that he sold most of his holdings after he found he had spent a lot of time and effort tracking its volatile price movements. Unfortunately, he sold many of these digital coins to a fraudster who had paid for them with a stolen credit card. The payment was reversed by the original cardholder, which lost Wozniak almost 7 units of Bitcoin.

At the same time, Wozniak continues to keep a unit of Bitcoin and two units of ether, funds he says he uses to conduct experiments in this technological field - not as speculative investment.

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