Why does the future of Ethereum look bright?

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The Ethereum coin has remained under the shadow of the Bitcoin for a long time, fighting for the top. However, while the Bitcoin was going through a difficult year, and at times, its future was unclear, the Ethereum went through a different story.

Currently, the Blucheen Bitcoin network handles approximately 230,000 transactions and charges a total fee of $ 37,000, equivalent to $ 340,000. However, when you look at Ethereum, its star has actually brightened, reaching 800,000 treatments with a fee of 515,000, or $ 375,000. Making it superior to Bitcoin .

On the other hand, Bitcoin is currently the largest digital currency in terms of market value. The largest and oldest existing digital coin, has always been raised at the top; but if you look for a virtual currency that is more applicable to everyday life, you should look to etherium.

There is only room available for about 100,000 extra Bitcoin transactions, but this figure is six times higher in the second largest digital currency, with about 600,000 transactions, a figure likely to rise to one million after recent improvements. To talk about the most popular digital currency, Alexis Ohanyan, co-founder of Reddit, said:

"I consider myself the most optimistic about the etherium because people build on it actual applications"

He recommended that people look beyond postquitoes, and move to etherium for a number of different reasons, but mainly because of looking at the flexible environment for the development of applications offered by etherium. While Bitcoin faces a number of different problems that must be overcome in order to stay at the top, the future of etherium seems very bright indeed.

Although there are no figures indicating how high the value of the Ethereum is, experts are predicting really wonderful things for the future of this digital currency.

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Actually ETH has scaling issues. I would stay away from it.
EOS is going to do the exact same thing as ETH but without the scaling issues.
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