Amazing news for bitcoin and Crypto holders

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freinds i am sharing latest bitcoin and crypto market news as follows, i am sharing these news with you so you people can come to know future of crypto and what is happening worldwide in this field:-

  1. Binance plans to launch it first crypto-fiat exchange wallet in uganda. source of info the link :-


2 Chinese cryptocurrency exchange Huobi confirmed the opening of its London office June 28, with over-the-counter (OTC) trading tests set to begin in Q3 this year. so this news indicate that bitcoin and crypto and great future donot afarid of downfall in bitcoin cypto prices. link of news:-


  1. japan famous messaging app Line plan to launch crypto exchange in japan with 30 crypto , as source of info :-


  1. Ontology blockchain will go live on 30th july , as it based on neo platform launching with 30 cryptocurrency and
    it will increase price on ontology in future link of info :-


  1. Alibaba Seeks to Eliminate Middlemen in Blockchain Payments Patent, so it will make payment system more transparent and fast. with this news i personally feel the future of bitcoin and blockchain is bright source of details ;-


  1. Kaspersky Warns that virus found on mobile phones while mining crypto, so be careful while using phone for mining proof of news :-


dear freinds i believe that these will help you and in future i will share more news with you in future and if you have any
query kindly comment below

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