China’s latest Crypto Rankings – EOS First, Ethereum Second, Bitcoin Drops to 17th is this a Joke.

3년 전

Chinese government latest ranking has just released in which Eos is on first , ethereum is on second spot and bitcoin is on 17th spot.


China Now Ranks 30 Crypto Projects
China has issued the new crypto ranking . EOS, which was not included on the original list, tops the second list overall. Ethereum, which ranked number one last month, has now been bumped to second place. Bitcoin has dropped from 13th place to 17th place. Bitcoin Cash fell slightly from 25th place to 28th place.

What do you think of China’s crypto project rankings? i personally feel this is a joke they are manipulating market bitcoin should not be at 17th place it should be ranked 1 and other good crypto currency give wrong raking.

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